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  1. Joshism

    Discussion Pico Act & The Partition Of California

    If the Civil War hadn't intervened would Congress likely have passed this act? Why wasn't the idea revived after the war?
  2. W

    Good day from California

    Hey All, Avid CW buff & Reenactor with the 20th Maine here! Lookin’ forward to learning and sharing here! On to Richmond!!!
  3. DBF

    Ding Dong - Avon Calling

    (Public Domain) Meet America’s 1st “Avon Lady” - Persis Foster Eames Albee (known as PFE Albee). She was born in Newry Maine on May 30, 1836. In 1866 she met and married New Hampshire born Ellery Albee. He was an attorney in Winchester and served as a State Senator from 1869-1871. It was...
  4. J

    1st California / 71st PVI

    Hello, New recruit falling in. My great great grandfather served in the 1st California / 71st PVI. He was wounded in the West Woods at Antietam. Captured at The Angle during Picketts Charge at Gettysburg. Prisoner at Belle Island on the James River in Richmond. Exchanged and spent time at...
  5. M

    Was Henry H. Sibley the right general to capture New Mexico, Colorado, and even California?

    Sibley had a grand plan was to conquer New Mexico Territory and then on to California, then Colorado, and the northern part of Mexico. Sibley took his plan to President Jefferson Davis who agreed to the plan. Sibley needed to overwhelm the Union forces quickly to accomplish his goals. Sibley did...
  6. WJC

    California for the Fugitive Slave Law: A Good Choice?

    Historian William W. Freehling asserts that in the Compromise of 1850, "southern congressmen surrendered California to the North in exchange for a new Fugitive Slave Law." William W. Freehling, The Reintegration of American History: Slavery and the Civil War. (New York: Oxford University Press...
  7. WJC

    California and Racism Directed at Chinese

    The suggestion has been made that Californians concerned about Chinese immigration might have considered secession. Let's discuss this and share sourced evidence.
  8. wausaubob

    Mexico, California,

    And the Coming of the Civil War. In The War That Forged a Nation, Why the Civil War Still Matters, James McPherson, Oxford University Press 2015. This Chapter begins at p. 15 of this collection of essays by James McPherson. It is interesting to note how close the pro slavery politicians came...
  9. SWMODave

    A small California town with two amazing cemetery's

    Lt William Thomas Simmons Medal of Honor Battle of Nashville courtesy Pinterest I stumbled across this Napa Valley cemetery for two reasons - I was looking for information on General Eugene Asa Carr and his Medal of Honor, and this cemetery has a brother of Carr buried in it, along with a...
  10. Komi

    Looking To Learn More About West-Coast Secessionists

    Hello all, Would anyone here be able to help me a bit with learning about secessionist activity in the west coast states during the US Civil War? It's a subject I've been interested in, both as a history buff and someone who spent most of my childhood in that region, but sadly I'm not too well...
  11. Crud_Taylor

    Rare Photo of an Urban Riot during the Civil War

    I came across this fantastic picture of a unionist riot in San Francisco in after Lincoln's assassination [here is the link] while doing some research for my dissertation. A line of police can be seen standing between the rioters and the offices of a pro-Southern newspaper. Apparently they...
  12. Crud_Taylor

    Portrait Submitted in a Desertion Trial

    While I was digging through court martial dockets of California regiments I found this picture in the records of a convicted deserter from the 11th Ohio Cavalry (I forgot to note his name unfortunately). The 11th Ohio included 40 some "Galvanized Yankeers" and was stationed throughout the...
  13. Crud_Taylor

    Researching the California Volunteers

    Hello everyone! I'm writing a history of the lives of rank-and-file California Volunteers from 1849 to 1900 and I was hoping to connect with anyone with an interest in the topic. If anyone knows of any good letter collections, memoirs, and unit histories by any of California's Union volunteers...
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