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  1. Andy Cardinal

    First Bull Run "Death began to make sad havoc in our ranks": William Thompson Lusk at Bull Run

    William Thompson Lusk of the 2nd New York wrote the following on July 28, 1861. In reading of his experiences at Bull Run, it is interesting to see the change in his point of view as the reality of war became apparent to him. "We too have breathed into our nostrils the smoke of battle, we too...
  2. Andy Cardinal

    First Bull Run Wheat's Tigers at Bull Run

    Raised in New Orleans, the majority of Wheat's "Tigers" were Irish immigrant dockworkers. As one observer said, they were "the lowest scum of the lower Mississippi … adventurous wharf rats, thieves, and outcasts … and bad characters generally. Roberdeau Wheat organized the unit around three...
  3. Andy Cardinal

    First Bull Run Long Tom

    https://civilwarwiki.net/wiki/File:30pdr-parrott.JPG The Gun: 30-pounder Parrott rifle first manufactured in 1861 at the West Point (NY) foundry. Altogether, gun and carriage weighed 6,500 pounds. 10 horses were needed to pull it. More on the 30-pounder can be found here...
  4. lelliott19

    First Bull Run Incidents of First Bull Run: As told by Sidney Herbert, Aide to Gen. Daniel P. Tyler IV

    "And now after forty-three years, I look back upon those bloody scenes at Bull Run and wonder that the Confederates I fought against there have been my most intimate friends for thirty years. Gen Longstreet, whose artillery wounded me for life at Blackburn's Ford; Col. W. P. Price, of Dahlonega...
  5. JPK Huson 1863

    First Bull Run Bull Run 1861 And A Missing Piece Of A Story, Help Please?

    The McClean House, Beauregard's HQ at Bull Run 1861. Civilian prisoners claimed as political prisoners were brought here before being sent on to Liggon's Prison, Richmond. The Henry House, Stone House, Sudley Church, Grigsby House and a few others remain well known at least in name. Does anyone...
  6. Cody C. Engdahl

    The Redemption of General Sherman

    Today is the 154th Anniversary of the Surrender at Bennett Place and the end of all major military operations of the American Civil War. I wrote a blog post: The Redemption of General Sherman. What do you think?
  7. Belle Montgomery

    Article: Her image had been buried near a Civil War battlefield for 100 years. Then I found her.

    My metal detector gave a loud signal as I swept its coil over the freshly cleared earth. I had just dug up several Civil War bullets a few feet away, but this signal sounded different. It was louder, and registered much higher on my detector’s meter than the bullets. Perhaps, I thought, I was...
  8. JPK Huson 1863

    What War? Gone Fishin'

    Guy with a gun must be bored plus annoyed he's on duty. No wonder he turned his back on all the fishing. LoC describes this as at a ' military bridge ', Bull Run- but really? Fishin'. Maybe someone knows what you catch in those waters- yet another from Bull Run. Stick and string, gone fishin'...
  9. James N.

    Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 7-26-18

    This week's Throwback Thursday revisits one of the milestones in reenacting, the first in the series of unforgettable 125th Anniversary events outside Manassas, Virginia in July, 1986. This was of course for the 1st Battle of Bull Run/Manassas, the anniversary of which just passed, and sadly...

    Armored Train Car

    http://firstmdus.net/Rail%20cars_files/rail%20monitor63.jpg The above photo states that it might be the only one of its kind. I've seen drawings of Civil War armored cars but not any pics. Anyone know of any others? Also, what the heck is a Pennsylvania Rail Road car doing this far south...
  11. James N.

    Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 2-1-18

    This time, neither a person nor persons nor a place, but a souvenir from a very important Civil War Centennial event, indeed! I have previously mentioned the June-July, 1961 trip made by my mother and myself to Gettysburg and then the reenactment of, as the program itself states, 1st Manassas...
  12. James N.

    Jackson's Line Along the Unfinished Railroad at Second Manassas

    The Groveton Monument, erected in 1866 atop the Unfinished Railroad embankment at the Deep Cut, behind which the command of Maj. Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson resisted repeated Federal assaults Aug. 29-30, 1862 during the Battle of Second Manassas/Bull Run. The view is looking toward the...
  13. James N.

    The Stone House at Manassas

    One of the most identifiable sights on the battlefield of Manassas/Bull Run and one which played a role in both battles fought there is the venerable Stone House that stands at the intersection of the Warrenton Turnpike (currently the Lee Highway) and the Sudley Road leading from Sudley Springs...
  14. James N.

    Piedmont Station Where Jackson's Brigade Entrained for First Manassas

    Delaplane is a tiny village located in the Virginia Piedmont situated on what was in 1861 the Manassas Gap Railroad. Then known as Piedmont Station, it figured importantly in the campaign resulting in the First Battle of Bull Run or Manassas. The Manassas Gap RR connected Manassas Junction...
  15. James N.

    First Bull Run Following George N. Barnard at Manassas

    Expired Image Removed Photographer George Norman Barnard, left, and two of his assistants, one of which is James L. Gibson, at lunch on the battlefield at Bull Run in march, 1862. At this distance, it's impossible to know exactly which of these men took the photographs featured here. In the...
  16. Jimklag

    New AHC Civil War Series

    On Monday, July 31, AHC (channel 195 on Dish) will run the first episodes of the new series Civil War: Brothers Divided. If true to AHC's track record, it will probably be riddled with errors. But, I'll watch it anyhow.
  17. GELongstreet

    First Bull Run - The Manassas Campaign, Virginia, 16-22 July 1861

    This page is about the Orders of Battle of the respective Union and Confederate forces. It goes deeply into detail with names, dates and places. The countless organisatorial and reorganisatorial details are coupled with a huge array of sources, both original and newer.
  18. chubachus

    Welcoming home the 1st Michigan after 1st Bull Run in Detroit, 1861

    Large crowd gathers around a group of men in front of building under bunting on August 2, 1861 to welcome the return of the 1st Regiment after the Battle of Bull Run. Also have print from negative. Handwritten on back of print: "C.I. Walker addressing 3 months men on return from 1st enlistment...
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