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    Confederate 68 pdr SBs

    A 68-pounder on a replica carriage at Fort Nelson While reading @rebelatsea 's excellent thread on the surplus Bombay Marine vessels - -...
  2. Cody C. Engdahl

    Did LTC. William C. Davies (or Davis) of the 2nd MI. Cav. fight in the Crimean War?

    I've seen his name written both ways. Marshall P Thatcher, in his book A Hundred Battles..., says that Davies claimed to be English and wore medals from his service in the Crimean War. Is this true? Does anyone know anything about this guy? There happens to be a historian by the same name...
  3. davebleedsblue

    Please help me ID a possible Rev War sword guard!

    Hello everyone - I recently acquired this sword guard and I confess swords aren’t my forte. Can anyone help me ID the sword this guard was attached to, and maybe a roundabout guess at when/by whom it would’ve been used? Thank you so much. The seller gave me this...