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  1. Harms88

    Upcoming Book Preview to help break the Covid-19 Blues

    In the next few days, I will be uploading a free preview of the historical fiction book I'm working on. The current working title is European Unionists #1: A Leap in the Dark. The book is about two sets of siblings who arrive in Maine in 1845 from Europe. The first set is 3 year-year old...
  2. Philip Leigh

    Book Review Berry Benson's Civil War Book: Memoirs of a Confederate Scout and Sharpshooter

    Edited by Susan W. Benson Introduction by Edward J. Cashin Copyright Date: 1991 Published by: Georgia University Press Pages: 288 Together with his sixteen-year-old brother, Blackford, Berry Benson (1843-1923) enlisted in a South Carolina regiment three months before Fort Sumter when he was...
  3. CivilWarTalk

    Book Launch Death, Disease, and Life at War

    @CLoperfido is the author Christopher Loperfido and is proud to launch his book: Death, Disease, and Life at War The Civil War Letters of Surgeon James D. Benton, 111th and 98th New York Infantry Regiments, 1862-1865 Published 1/5/2018 Belatedly Launched on CWT on 3/21/2020 Buy it on Amazon...
  4. P

    Civil War Cinema Book: Worth Buying ?

    I saw this title mentioned. Is it worth buying ?
  5. K

    Drawing of Bliss Barn in Archer’s Book

    Page 35 of Archer’s Fury on the Bliss Farm at Gettysburg presents a drawing of the barn based on the Stevens account of building dimensions and construction. While the wall construction is stone on the first floor (basement) and brick on the upper floor, the page 35 drawing of the East face...
  6. Mr King

    Just 1 book on Abraham Lincoln

    If you can recommend just 1 book on Abraham Lincoln what would it be? (I typed in search and didn't find anything I was looking for) I'm seeking for a book that includes his whole life and not just the war. Where he came from and all the "failures"( I don't view them as failures, like Edison...
  7. Virginia Dave

    Found a Book.

    I just found this book and was wondering if anyone has read it or knows anything about it. The price was right at $0.00.
  8. Belle Montgomery

    Book Review Entertaining History: The Civil War in Literature, Film, and Song

    State & Union: SBU prof's book explores the Civil War in popular media One of the most common ways people get interested in Civil War history is by first watching a good movie or reading an engaging novel on the topic. A new collection of essays edited by a St. Bonaventure University...
  9. P

    Book: 12 Years a Slave

    Just found this one at the library. Opinions ?
  10. Andy Cardinal

    New Cornfield Book To Be Released in March

    The Cornfield: Antietam's Bloody Turning Point The author, David Welker, also wrote Tempest at Ox Hill and writes the Cornfield blog (
  11. CivilWarTalk

    What was your First Civil War Book?

    My first book that got my interested in the Civil War was this one: Although not specifically Civil War oriented, this book explained a lot of the Civil War Artillery stuff my dad was playing with in the 1970's and 80's that I didn't understand. Armed with this new knowledge, visiting...
  12. JPK Huson 1863

    Sappy, Wonderful Song Book Art, " When This Cruel War Is Over "

    Isn't it evocative? Illustration scream ' era ', lyrics got to you because an awful lot of Americans could relate to them. Not being at ALL musical, still love the bejammers out of some of these. I realize this one was well known and still is- I'm always, always smitten by era art work-...
  13. lupaglupa

    Good book on Meridian Campaign?

    Any one have a favorite book on the Meridian Campaign to recommend? I'm especially interested in the impact on the local population as Sherman experimented with living entirely off the land.
  14. Luke Freet

    Looking for a Book to get from Audible

    I have a friend who offered to get me a book on audible as a gift. He asked me to name what book I want. Problem is, I do not know what a good book I'd listen to would be. Maybe a book covering the war, however, not sure which to pick, as there are a bunch of options. Any recommendations?
  15. Johnny_Reb_1865

    UCV Reunion And Jefferson Davis Monument Book 1896

    So I have this book that I found but the first couple pages are loose so I put them into page protectors inside of a photo album of sorts. I was thinking about very carefully undoing the string tie that holds all of the pages together and putting each of the pages into page protectors and...
  16. RobertP

    The Southern Christmas Book

    Written by Harnett Kane in the late 1950’s, Kane was a well-known newspaperman and prolific writer from New Orleans. This book is a collection of short stories about how Southerners throughout the region celebrated Christmas with their own distinctive customs in the early-mid 19th century...
  17. infomanpa

    Best Gettysburg Book List

    Recently, Jim Hessler and Eric Lindblade did a podcast discussing their favorite reference sources and books about the battle. Since both are reputable Licensed Battlefield Guides, I think that their opinions are helpful. For those of you who don't want to take the couple of hours to listen to...
  18. JPK Huson 1863

    Santa Clause And General Lee, How Did We Miss That?

    Best, all-time era book ever. Sally move over, with all respect there's new, Victorian masterpiece tickling the bejammers out of our Sweetbuds. Introducing three little girls, orphaned by the war, their grandmother, a cat, a Union Cavalry officer appearing in dream sequences, angelic beings...
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!