black voices of reconstruction

  1. Pat Young

    "The Black Republican" Newspaper, Southerners Opposing the Sin of Slavery

    The Black Republican was one of the first newspapers published by Blacks for Blacks in the South. The newspaper began publication in the Spring of 1865. Only a few issues survive and it is uncertain when it ceased operations. Black Republican Saturday, May 20, 1865 New Orleans, LA Page: 1
  2. Pat Young

    Harriet Tubman Remembered in the African American Press When She Died March 10, 1913 Black History Month

    This is a thread for posting obituaries of American hero Harriet Tubman published in the African American press after her death on March 10, 1913. Harriet Tubman; Aunt Harriet Savannah Tribune Saturday, Mar 22, 1913 Savannah, GA Vol: XXVIII Issue: 27 Page 4
  3. Pat Young

    Weeksville: A Free Black Community in Brooklyn from Slavery Through Reconstruction Podcast

    Weeksville was a free black community in Brooklyn founded before the Civil War which grew to prominence during Reconstruction. Here is an interview with the director of the Weeksville Historic site. There will soon be a dramatic podcast on Weeksville that I will post here...
  4. Pat Young

    Black Convention in Baltimore Demands Voting Rights January 1869

    The Black convention movement took off after the Civil War. In 1869 the conventions focused on the call for black voting rights. New York Tribune Friday, Jan 22, 1869 New York, NY Vol: XXVIII Issue: 8671
  5. Pat Young

    As Freedmen's Bureau Was Closing at End of 1868, African Americans Asked for Protection Dec. 15, 1868

    The Freedmen's Bureau was scheduled to shut down all but its educational functions at the end of 1868. With the Bureau about to close, Blacks submitted petitions to Congress asking either for an extension of the life of the Bureau or for other protections. We see this effort by the African...
  6. Pat Young

    NY Herald Exposes the Secret Rituals of the Loyal League, A Multi-State Organization of Blacks 1868

    The Loyal League was an association of African Americans that struggled for full citizenship rights for Blacks. It was an object of hatred and fear for Democrats, North and South. In 1868 the New York Herald claimed to have obtained the secret ritual of the Loyal League. I only include part of...
  7. Pat Young

    A Black Legislator Speaks Against the Expulsion of Blacks from Georgia's Legislature Sep. 3, 1868

    Rev. Henry McNeal Turner was one of the first African Americans elected to serve in a state legislature in the United States. No sooner did he arrive at the capitol than a bill was introduced to expel him and the other newly elected Blacks from the Georgia legislature. The bill was introduced by...
  8. Pat Young

    "A Colored Senator Threatens Retribution-The War of Races Imminent" in Louisiana Sept. 1868

    The Summer of 1868 saw rising violence against newly enfranchised African Americans. Black legislators were also taking their seats for the first time in many legislatures across the South. This was met by a rising wave of violence carried out by the Ku Klux Klan and other white terrorist...
  9. Pat Young

    Black Democrats Speak Out Against Radical Republicans June 1868

    The Louisiana Democrat newspaper, which opposed black suffrage and predicted that the election of a Black man to Congress would lead to a race war, also endorsed the campaigning by the Democratic party in the black community using black Democrats as speakers. The newspaper gave highly...
  10. Pat Young

    Archaeologists Search for Victims killed in Thibodaux Massacre in Louisiana

    The Thibodaux Massacre in Louisiana in 1887 is one of the lesser known violent events of Reconstruction. Local white paramilitaries reportedly killed three dozen African Americans, many of whom had been participating in a massive strike. Now a team of archaeologists and students are searching...
  11. Pat Young

    Rhiannon Giddens-"We think Reconstruction failed. It didn't fail. It was destroyed" Music

    NPR has a great interview with singer/musician/songwriter Rhiannon Giddens. Her last album was of original compositions based on African American narratives from slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction. She is working on a new piece of musical theater about the end of Reconstruction in 1898...
  12. Pat Young

    Book Review Reconstruction: Voices from America’s First Great Struggle for Racial Equality ed. by Brooks Simpson

    Reconstruction: Voices from America’s First Great Struggle for Racial Equality edited by Brooks Simpson published by The Library of America (2018) $40.00 Hardcover $19.99 Kindle. One way to look at Brooks Simpson’s new volume on Reconstruction in the Library of America series is it is a massive...
  13. Pat Young

    Was Alexander Stephens the "Rip Van Winkle" of Reconstruction? Yes, according to one Southerner

    James T Rapier spoke in Congress in support of the Civil Rights Bill. Rapier served in Congress representing an Alabama district from 1873 to 1875. On June 9, 1874 he gave his speech and he upbraided Alexander Stephens as the "Rip Van Winkle" of Congress. Stevens had been a staunch supporter of...

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