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  1. ErnieMac

    Book Review Battle of Big Bethel: Crucial Clash in Early Civil War Virginia

    Last Friday I picked up three books for my Kindle that I found on sale on Amazon. The books dealt with minor battles that, based on the number of troops and the casualties, might well be considered skirmishes or minor actions in the grand scheme of the War. The three books are Battle of Big...
  2. R

    The weather during the Battle of Gettysburg

    I have often seen in Civil War literature, both fiction and non-fiction, this idea that the weather at the Battle of Gettysburg was unusually hot and humid. The scientific data, however, doesn't bear this out. In fact...the data tells us the weather during parts of the battle, as well as the...
  3. JPK Huson 1863

    Nashville ' Spectators ' Photographs, Write Their Description Please?

    LoC photograph from a kind of series from Nashville. Cropped to isolate the main scene, this is one of several. Everyone in them except a small girl in a doorway are intent on something transpiring in the distance. A man by an outhouse and a woman apparently in her yard, both transfixed...
  4. JPK Huson 1863

    Why We're Better Together, Fellow Travelers, A Bird's Eye View Of Battle 1864

    It's that time of year. All of a sudden you realize wait, that's a bird singing! There's a reason birds are symbols of hope- new life, Spring and song? Trifecta, for we earth bound animals. Good to appreciate each other. Two footed friends of the ACW made the news, too. IMO talk about a...
  5. Z

    Seeing the War

    Which units east and west would you say are most representative of the experience of fighting in that theater? Which units could be said to have seen it all and done it all? From Bull Run (or earlier) to Appomattox in the East and Belmont (or earlier) to Bennett Place in the West. Choose...
  6. Cdoug96

    "The Awful Shock and Rage of Battle"

    I found a journal article from the peer-reviewed journal, War in History, titled, called ‘The Awful Shock and Rage of Battle’: Rethinking the Meaning and Consequences of Combat in the American Civil War, about the consequences of war on the individual soldier in the Civil War, written by Eric T...
  7. John Hartwell

    "After the Battle," a poem, by Victoria Stuart Mosby

    Victoria Stuart Mosby Coleman (1866-1946) was the daughter of Col. John S. Mosby. Before her marriage, she preferred to be known as simply "Stuart Mosby." During the 1880s and '90s she was considered one of the great beauties of Virginia. The Macon Telegraph of April 26, 1888, printed the above...
  8. AUG

    The Line of Battle

    Out of personal interest and to better visualize what battles looked like I have been collecting any accounts or excerpts I run across describing how an infantry line of battle actually fought - whether standing, kneeling, lying down, from behind cover (trees, rocks, etc., not counting when in...
  9. w.z

    Battle of Fayetteville VA/W.Va

    Does anyone have any links for information on the Battle of Fayetteville? I'm a local and I'm hoping to dig up some new material on this...
  10. wbull1

    The Battle of Westport

    I heard a military historian say that the militia units of the north at Westport would have been expected to break and run away facing experienced Confederate soldiers. However, they dug in and although they could not maneuver or charge or even retreat in an orderly manner that had superior...
  11. GELongstreet

    Milliken's Bend: A Civil War Battle in History and Memory

    A blog-style page about the Battle of Milliken's Bend that was fought in northern Louisiana in June 1863 during the Vicksburg Campaign. It famously was one of the earliest battles to have African-American troops involved; being the majority of Union combatants. The active page is accompanying an...
  12. GELongstreet

    First Bull Run - The Manassas Campaign, Virginia, 16-22 July 1861

    This page is about the Orders of Battle of the respective Union and Confederate forces. It goes deeply into detail with names, dates and places. The countless organisatorial and reorganisatorial details are coupled with a huge array of sources, both original and newer.
  13. beanbomb

    Distance between battle lines?

    I have always thought about this and I couldn't find anything on the forum. How far apart would the opposing lines be during a battle? I know that rifled muskets were effective with volley fire past 400 yards, and could hit a target at 200 yards easy. But, I have also heard of men fighting at...
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