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  1. rebel brit

    Miniatures Diorama Battle of the Wilderness Diorama.

    My first attempt at building a diorama was approx 15 years ago when I found a tree root whilst digging in the garden. I thought at the time it looked like a miniature tree and after just finishing a book about the battle of the wilderness I decided to build a diorama around it. I set myself a...
  2. John Moyle

    Discussion Battle of Dranesville - Searching for Photos/Letters

    For his Eagle Scout Project, my son, Matthew — a high school junior — has built a team of researchers, a historian, a mapmaker, and several graphic artists to help him design, create, and install a battlefield interpretive sign about the Battle of Dranesville on the property of the Dranesville...
  3. erik69

    Battle of Franklin detailed order of battle

    Hi everyone, do you know where I could find a detailed order of battle for the battle of Franklin (possibly online)? By detailed I mean that I would like to know how many soldiers in each regiment and how many guns in each battery. Thanks in advance.
  4. Coonewah Creek

    Battle of Salisbury, NC, April 12, 1865

    Can anyone point me to a good source for the details of this fight and its aftermath? I've picked up "bits and snippets" over the years, but never a fully-developed description of the fighting there. I understand why the lack of coverage of course. Lee had already surrendered; it was a...
  5. Wallyfish

    Gettysburg Battle Baby

    I wás watching an American Battlefield Trust video that started on Coster Avenue and followed the Union retreat to near the Jr High. As they walked on York Street, it was mentioned that a home belonged to Jeremiah and Rebecca Howell Culp in July 1863. The story went on to say that couple had a...
  6. J. D. Stevens

    November 1863 Battle of Bayou Bourbeux Louisiana

    A friend of mine who works for the National Park Service in South Louisiana sent me the pictures of the historical marker for the November 3, 1863, the Battle of Bayou Bourbeux. This was part of the Texas Overland Campaign led by the always inept Major General William B. Franklin. There were...
  7. ucvrelics

    Collection Battle Of Picacho Peak, Arizona Witness Pen

    Well Doc. Gary has done another GREAT job on this witness pen. Congress failed to organize the New Mexico territory in the 1850s because of its low population density. However, at the outbreak of the Civil War, sentiments in the territory favored the Confederacy and an Arizona territory was...
  8. John Wolf Smith

    (Build Order of battle 1862 and 1863) What if Lee stayed in the Union and leads the Army of the Potomac.

    Can use generals not dead in 1861 for 1862 order of battle and same with the 1863 order of battle. 3 Confederate Generals and Lee can be in the Union Army of the Potomac (No Longstreet, Jackson, JEB or Forrest) Can get 5 dead generals back to life.
  9. Andy Cardinal

    First Bull Run Col. W. T. Sherman: "Then for the first time I saw the Carnage of battle"

    Although a regular army officer, William T. Sherman had never seen major combat before First Bull Run. The following is from a letter to his wife Ellen written a few days after the battle: "After an hour of close contest our men began to fall into confusion. 111 had been killed and some 250...
  10. M

    Rethinking the Battle of Pea Ridge.

    Van Dorn outnumbered General Curtis in both manpower and in artillery. Van Dorn had a reasonable attack plan. Still the Federals won at Pea Ridge. Why? Van Dorn was an experienced officer often thought to be rather aggressive. General Curtis was experienced, but not probably considered a great...
  11. M

    Longstreet and the Battle of Fort Sanders.

    Longstreet planed to use artillery to soften up Fort Sanders at Knoxville Tennessee before he sent in the infantry. Longstreet changed his mind and launched a surprise attack. This surprise attack did not proceed as well as Longstreet wanted and in the end failed to capture Fort Sanders. If...
  12. scone

    Battle of Stones River / Murfreesboro January 2nd 1863

    Battle of Stones River / Murfreesboro January 2nd 1863 - Going into the field of corn stubble, just fought over and trampled by both the charging rebels , their repulse an retreat, followed by our lines of blue charging them in turns leaving the earth strewn with dead and dying. At my left I...
  13. 1

    The Battle of Stones River, a poem composed on the field by J. N. Hazzard, Co D, 19th Reg't, O.V.I.

    157 years ago the 19th Ohio was marching from Nashville to confront Bragg at Murfreesboro. The regiment had already seen action at Rich Mountain, Shiloh, Corinth and had missed action at Perryville. They were now part of the newly-formed Army of the Cumberland under command of Major General...
  14. Cody C. Engdahl

    Novel about the Battle of Island No. 10 on sale through 1/2/20

    Here's the link:
  15. C

    The Wounded from Battle of Gaines Mill

    Posting my first picture to this Forum (to date I have only posted in the Small Arms and Edged Weapons Forum). Apologies, but I did the best I could to snap a picture of this (and the explanatory caption) from a book. I am posting this because I don't recall seeing many photos of wounded lying...
  16. CivilWarTalk

    Famous Opening Cannon of The Battle of Gettysburg, a 3-inch Ordnance Rifle

    3-inch Ordnance Rifle, No. 233, GNMP Photo ©Michael Kendra, 2002This 3-inch Ordnance Rifle is one of four guns of Battery A, 2nd U.S. Artillery that today stand at the base of the Buford monument at Gettysburg, on the spot where they fired the opening artillery salvo of that pivotal battle...
  17. CivilWarTalk

    Podcast BGP - The Myth of LRT -w Garry Adelman (S1 E12)

    Published: December 20, 2019 Episode 12 is a special holiday bonus episode brought to us by Santa Sickles himself! In this episode, Eric and Jim are joined by their friend and colleague Garry Adelman to discuss his 2003 book The Myth of Little Round Top. Why does Little Round Top loom so...
  18. F

    What happened to the farm properties upon which the Battle of Gettysburg was fought?

    Can someone assist me in understanding what happened to the farm properties upon which the Battle of Gettysburg was fought? John Herbst of Herbst Woods, renamed Reynolds Woods, was my great great uncle. The Herbst family were initially Mennonites that settled in the neighboring towns around...
  19. M

    Westernmost Battle

    Hello. Can someone tell what was the westernmost battle fought between union and confederate land forces from 1681-1865?
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