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  1. Harms88

    A question about Regimental Battle flags

    I've been reading the book Perryville: This Grand Havoc of Battle in preparation for visiting Perryville prior to Shiloh Muster and in the book, it shows the battle flag of I believe the 102nd Ohio. The author points out in the caption that the regiment does not put "Perryville" as their battle...
  2. AUG

    3rd Texas Infantry

    Flag of the 3rd Texas Infantry. According to two articles in the Houston Tri-Weekly Telegraph, two flags were presented to the regiment on Sept. 2, 1863, one a "regimental" flag and the other a "battle" flag. This one is probably the latter. Commissioned by citizens of Brownsville, Texas, in...
  3. AUG

    16th Mississippi Infantry

    Battle flag of the 16th Mississippi Infantry. I've wanted to do a thread on the 16th Mississippi for the Regimental Histories forum for a while now, however I could not find a sufficient overview of their record online or elsewhere, so I decided to put together my own and have been working on...
  4. AUG

    Color Guard of the 30th Ohio Infantry

    Ran across this image on LoC. Description: Title: Five unidentified soldiers of the last Color Guard of the 30th Ohio Infantry Regiment in uniforms with rifles and tattered flags. Creator(s): The Louisville Gallery of Photography, No. 85 Fourth Street, Louisville, Kentucky. Date...
  5. AUG

    Flags captured in the Battle of Jonesborough

    Artwork by Rick Reeves depicting the consolidated 1st & 15th Arkansas Infantry during the Atlanta Campaign. The battle of Jonesborough, GA, took place on August 31 - September 1, 1864 — the last battle of the Atlanta Campaign. In a major operation to sever the Confederate supply lines to...
  6. AUG

    The Battle Flag of the 4th Texas Infantry

    Having presented the 1st Texas Infantry with the famous "Wigfall flag" in summer of 1861, then Brig. Gen. and former Texas senator Louis T. Wigfall's family set out to provide both the 4th and 5th Texas Infantry of the Texas Brigade with battle flags as well. Sewn by his wife Charlotte, the two...
  7. AUG

    9th Missouri Sharpshooter Battalion (Pindall's)

    Battle flag of the 9th Missouri Sharpshooter Battalion. This flag was one of a batch made by ladies in Federal occupied New Orleans, smuggled through the lines and presented to Mosby M. Parsons' Missouri Brigade at Little Rock, AR, in spring of 1863. This pattern is known variously as the...
  8. AUG

    Battle Flag of the 6th & 15th Texas (consolidated)

    Fort Worth Daily Gazette, Nov. 23, 1885. That was the Hardee pattern flag of the 6th Texas Infantry & 15th Texas Cavalry (consolidated) in Granbury's Texas Brigade, Pat Cleburne's Division. This flag was issued to the regiment around late summer or fall of 1864 after a previous Hardee flag they...
  9. Cdoug96

    What happened to the battle flags of the Regulars?

    I was looking around for the battle flags of the Regular Army units that were used in the Civil War but I have only been able to find 1, which was used by the 18th U.S. from 1865 to 1866. There is a color for the 8th U.S. but...
  10. Taylin

    Colors of the 23rd Indiana Infantry

    I recently got in touch with a guy from the Indiana War Memorial and was delighted when I received images of the 23rd Indiana's colors. My 3x Great Grandfather, Patrick Dewitt was in the 23rd. His brother was in the 93rd Indiana, unfortunately they did not have their flags it seems.
  11. Cavalry Charger

    Representation of Regimental flags for Memorial Day

    This thread is for people to post representations of Regimental flags in honour of Memorial Day. I will start with the two Regimental flags my Union Captain served under: 8th NY Cavalry.In memory of James A. Sayles, Captain.
  12. AUG

    4th North Carolina Infantry

    Three unidentified enlisted men in the 4th North Carolina Infantry. The Fourth Regiment of North Carolina State Troops was organized at Camp Hill, near Garysburg, NC, in May 1861, and was mustered into service there in June. The men were mostly recruited from Iredell, Rowan, Wayne, Beaufort...
  13. AUG

    State Colors of the 1st South Carolina Infantry

    We just had the thread on the mysterious second Lone Star flag the 1st Texas Infantry carried into action at Gettysburg. The only other Confederate state flag carried into action at Gettysburg that I am aware of is that of the 1st South Carolina Infantry (Gregg's), part of Gregg's/McGowan's...
  14. AUG

    Battle Flag of the 27th Texas Cavalry Two officers beside the battle flag of the 27th Texas Cavalry (formerly known as the 1st Texas Legion). The flag appears to be a Mobile depot pattern, probably issued to the regiment in late 1863 or early 1864. There's a very similar...
  15. AUG

    Battle Flag of the 2nd/6th Missouri Infantry The 1864 battle flag of the 2nd & 6th Missouri Infantry consolidated. This flag was carried throughout the Atlanta Campaign, Allatoona Pass, and was captured in the battle of Franklin. It is of the pattern manufactured by civilian...
  16. AUG

    The Crossed Cannon Battle Honor

    The honor of a crossed cannons insignia sewn or painted onto a regiment's colors was unique only to the Confederate Army of Tennessee. This was reward to any regiment that managed to capture an artillery battery in battle. A battery's guns were prized possessions and were considered an honor to...
  17. AUG

    Battle Flags captured at Fort Gregg; Petersburg, VA

    On April 28th, 1865, Maj. Gen. John Gibbon and fourteen selected men who had distinguished themselves in the capture of Fort Gregg at Petersburg, April 2, 1865, preceded to Washington, D.C. to turn in captured Confederate flags. They were being presented to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton in a...
  18. AUG

    The Capture of the 33rd Mississippi Infantry's Colors

    On July 20, 1864, the 33rd Mississippi Infantry - in Winfield S. Featherston's Mississippi Brigade, William W. Loring's Division, Thirds Corps of the Army of Tennessee - attacked the Federal lines at Peachtree Creek near Atlanta, GA. They carried the first line of the Federal works and advanced...
  19. AUG

    Battle Flags of the 5th Texas Infantry

    After the 5th Texas Infantry was organized in Richmond, Va., on September 31, 1861, its officers had a local contractor manufacture this flag for the regiment. Measuring 60 1/2'' (hoist) x 84 1/5'' (fly) and "Made of silk, fringed with silver and mounted on a handsome staff," it was popular with...
  20. AUG

    Battle Flag of the 9th Texas Infantry

    By Ron Brothers History of the 9th Texas Infantry The flag of the 9th Texas Infantry has remained shrouded in secrecy for many years. Some say it no longer exists. Some say "it" was...
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