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  1. OhioatPerryville

    Civil War Augusta

    We are simply a group of folks, much like you, who have an interest in not only the American Civil War in general, but specifically the Civil War story of Augusta, Kentucky. Situated on the Ohio River about 45 river miles from Cincinnati, Augusta was the scene of fighting on the afternoon of...
  2. OhioatPerryville

    Discussion Civil War Augusta - Website Launch!

    The little skirmish that "saved" Cincinnati, the Battle of Augusta, Kentucky, has a small group that is starting a process to preserve and promote their Civil War history. They now have a website that just launched yesterday! Stop by, give it a look over, and perhaps come to the weekend event...
  3. OhioatPerryville

    Battle of Augusta Anniversary Weekend - September

    The Augusta in the Civil War group is hosting a living history weekend in Augusta, Kentucky, September 27th-29th. Augusta was the site of a small engagement between Basil Duke's 2nd Kentucky Cavalry and Home Guard under J. Taylor Bradford, who has served on Bull Nelson's staff. While we do not...
  4. OhioatPerryville

    Augusta in the Civil War

    We are a group working together to increase awareness and tourism in Augusta, with a focus on Augusta’s role during the Civil War. The battle of Augusta, part of the Heartland Campaign, and involving a portion of Morgan’s command under Basil Duke, resulted in a tactical victory for the Southern...
  5. OhioatPerryville

    Augusta, Battle of

    Part of the Heartland, or Kentucky Campaign, of 1862. Vicious skirmish fought on September 27th, with 450 Confederates from the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, under command of Basil Duke, encountering Federal Home Guard under command of local physician J. T. Bradford. Several of Duke's officers were...
  6. SWMODave

    "Yankees" and "Johnnies" were soon splashing in the river together

    Only photo found of Civil War soldiers swimming - in this case Union soldiers on the North Anna Close of the Battle of Buffington Island Ohio/West Virginia border Adjutant Allen (author) and Lieutenant (John) McColgen (McColgan), of the Seventh Ohio Cavalry, were sent to give them safe escort...
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!