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  1. gunny

    Hood's Atlanta Campaign Report

    I'm always perplexed when I read Hood's report that reflects on the Atlanta Campaign. His report while he was in command of the Army was simply supposed to contain what happened to it and what it did while under his command, but he explained in great depth what happened and how it was lead in...
  2. Luke Freet

    Confederate Unit Strengths in the Atlanta Campaign (Corps, Divisions, Brigades, and Regiments)

    In another thread, I asked other contributors about records of unit strengths in the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia during the Overland Campaign (Link here: I...
  3. Buckeye Bill

    Death of Walker and McPherson

    On this day in 1864, Confederate Major General W. H. T. Walker and Federal Major General James B. McPherson were killed during the Battle of Atlanta, Georgia. The Battle of Atlanta was part of the Atlanta Campaign of 1864. * Georgia State Historical Marker. * Confederate Major General W. H...
  4. Luke Freet

    Hardee takes over AoT in Atlanta Campaign

    When Joe Johnston was removed from command, Hardee should have been given the spot. It was mostly due to the machinations of Bragg that the position was given to Hood instead, according to Chastel. I know Hardee was a competent, if not spectacular, commander. I doubt he would have made such a...
  5. AUG

    A Flag Raised in the Battle of Pickett's Mill

    (Postwar illustration of the battle of Pickett's Mill by Alfred R. Waud. From The Mountain Campaigns in Georgia by Joseph M. Brown) This account is from the memoirs of Pvt. William J. Oliphant, who was at this time serving in the 6th & 15th Texas consolidated, Granbury's Texas Brigade...
  6. Luke Freet

    Cleburne made a Corps Commander?

    Many say that Patrick Cleburne was blocked from a rightfully-earned Corps command after his infamous proposition to arm slaves, and his rise was stunted with this action. As much of an admirer of Cleburne and his actions in the war, I do not feel that Cleburne would have lived up to the moniker...
  7. Luke Freet

    How could the CSA have won the Atlanta Campaign?

    To me, the confederates had very few opportunities to turn the tide on Sherman. A continued defense would only result in Sherman circumventing Confederate defenses. Was there a particular point when the Confederates could have turned the tide? At Reseca? Cassville? New Hope? Kennesaw? The 3...
  8. Luke Freet

    Youngblood's + Gholson's Battalions, CSA, Atlanta Campaign

    Would love some information on these 2 units. See them in the rosters but found very little on what their composition, origins, or fate.
  9. Luke Freet

    Confederate Victory at Atlanta: Could it Happen, and Could it have brought Southern Victory?

    Would a Confederate victory during the Atlanta Campaign have been possible? When, where, who, and how would that be accomplished?
  10. Pat Young

    Book Review All the Fighting They Want: The Atlanta Campaign from Peachtree Creek to the City's Surrender

    All the Fighting They Want: The Atlanta Campaign from Peachtree Creek to the City's Surrender, July 18-September 2, 1864 by Stephen Davis published by Savas Beatie (2016) $14.95 Paperback $5.99 Kindle. This recent addition to The Emerging Civil War series from Savas Beatie has the virtues and...
  11. AUG

    Flags captured in the Battle of Jonesborough

    Artwork by Rick Reeves depicting the consolidated 1st & 15th Arkansas Infantry during the Atlanta Campaign. The battle of Jonesborough, GA, took place on August 31 - September 1, 1864 — the last battle of the Atlanta Campaign. In a major operation to sever the Confederate supply lines to...
  12. AUG

    Life on the Kennesaw Line

    Pvt. John C. Arbuckle, Co. K, 4th Iowa Infantry: "The most severe and trying experiences of the [Atlanta] campaign were those we endured in the trenches in front of Kennesaw. For 26 days, 17 of which were days of continuous rain, we never had our clothes off, or a chance to wash, save dipping...
  13. B

    What if East Tennessee had split off and become a Union state?

    During the Civil War, East Tennessee was by far one of the most Unionist regions in the South (next to West Virginia, North Alabama, Texas Hill County, Free State of Jones, Free State of Winston and other areas) even though it was under Confederate control for the most part until at least 1863...
  14. AUG

    A Letter to Lovely Lizzie

    Pvt. Samuel King Vann, Co. C "Jefferson Warriors," 19th Alabama Infantry, Deas' Alabama Brigade, Army of Tennessee. I was reading back through some accounts in the Atlanta Campaign volume of Time-Life's Voices of the Civil War series and thought this short letter by Pvt. Samuel K. Vann to his...
  15. Jimklag

    Railroads in the 1864 Atlanta Campaign

    Here is a link to an excellent article on "railroad generalship" in the Atlanta campaign.
  16. James N.

    Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 7-20-17

    Please share your old CW photos too! Two photos this time to tell the story... As stated before, I was married atop Kennesaw Mountain in August, 1968, when these photos were also taken. Since today is the anniversary of the Battle of Peachtree Creek, first of the battles for Atlanta in 1864...
  17. G

    Skirmish at Rome Crossroads - May 16, 1864

    Does anyone know (or can point me to a source for) specifics on the manpower strength of Hardee's Corps when it conducted its attack on 5/16/1864 to protect the rest of Johnston's army as it retreated from its Resaca position? Also: In Hardee's order of battle I have seen the names of the...
  18. G

    Greetings from Sonoma County, California

    Hello, I'm Gina, and several areas of interest have led me to sign up & post here: 1. I'm a wargamer and wargame designer. I'm hoping the forum might be a good place to look for information and tips when I'm doing research on the ACW. 2. I've always had a strong interest in US history and...
  19. Samuels Brothers

    ENDED Sherman Film In Post-Production!

    Dear CWT Members, My brother and I currently finishing a dramatic short, ATTILA, about Sherman on the eve of his March to the Sea. We've launched a Kickstarter and would love you to check it out by CLICKING HERE. Please share the link and feel free to ask any questions here. I'm descended from...
  20. Samuels Brothers

    Sherman Film - March to the Sea

    My brother and I are currently in post-production on a Civil War dramatic film, adapted from an Off-Broadway play, depicting Major General Sherman on the eve of his March to the Sea in Atlanta in 1864 and later before giving his "War is all hell" commencement address at Michigan Military Academy...
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