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  1. relichound

    Civil War Artillery Display.

    Bought this at a local auction in Pennsylvania some time ago. There was this wood display with 2 old Civil War grape shot on it, and a long piece of wood with an iron piece attached at the end. Broken off to shorten it. I have asked collector's before what it was. What do you think? Thanks.
  2. Ethan S.

    WANTED Artillery artifacts wanted

    I am looking for artillery projectile related artifacts of any nature, but I will list my top picks that I would consider. 6 lb. or 12 lb. solid shot Very large, or half shell fragments or such from Gettysburg. Any cheap shell. Canister balls from 12 pounder cannons, from battlefields. I...
  3. LucasCalado

    Uniforms Union Light Artillery - Questions

    Hello! I'm working on creating a small list for myself of items a Union artilleryman might wear and carry, but I figured you're all far more knowledgeable than me in that field. If it helps, I'm attempting to base it off of the Colorado Territory-based McClain's Independent Light Artillery...
  4. Saris

    How many artillery pieces did both sides have for First Manassas?

    I'm doing research for the battle and I sadly cant find this anywhere.
  5. 2

    WANTED WTB Bayonet for Enfield 1861 Artillery Carbine

    Need a bayonet for an Enfield 1861 Cavalry Carbine, Zouave doesn't fit. New here, thank you in advance for any help
  6. PapaReb

    New to Artillery

    Having recently discovered that one of my ggggrandfathers was in Co E of the Alabama Jefferson Davis Artillery, I have become interested in the artillery side of the war which I confess I never devoted any time to. I am looking forward to reading the posts/threads already here and you old...
  7. M

    Discussion Could flying artillery, really fly?

    I have always found the term "flying artillery" a bit humorous. Any one care to explain this term to our non cannon people.
  8. huskerblitz

    In the Field Civil War artillery shell found by construction crew in South Carolina

    Below is the link to the article. I've never seen a shell like this before. Granted, I'm not the most read on the subject, but it looks odd...
  9. Maximus71

    Edged Wpns 1832 Ames Artillery Short Sword

    Hi All, Here is my hefty Model 1832 Artillery Short Sword manufactured by Ames, dated 1841 and with all the proper markings. The blade is in very good condition considering the age and the scabbard is about as good as they come with these, also has an inspector mark of w.a.j on the ball. From...
  10. M

    Discussion Artillery Service

    Two questions for the forum about the men in red. 1) If you were in the infantry, you would sign effectively a 2 or 3 year contract with a regiment. How did it work with artillery? Did batteries similarly form together and discharge together? 2) Statistically speaking, did you have a...
  11. rob63

    ENDED Confederate 12 lb Artillery Shell

    This is a 12 lb Artillery shell with the mold seam typical of Confederate manufacture which has the tapered fuse hole for the wooden adapter. The shell measures 4.5 inches in diameter and the fuse hole measures 15/16 inch. It has a painted number that I believe is an inventory number from a...
  12. Tom Elmore

    Infantrymen Permanently and Temporarily Serving with the Artillery at Gettysburg

    USA Battery B, 4th U.S.: The battery was in large part composed of soldiers detailed from the Iron Brigade, based on an examination of the Gettysburg casualty list. The assignments were made as far back as 1861. Typical of the detailees was Perry Rowe of Company G, 19th Indiana. He was part of...
  13. H

    Union artillery lost at Second Manassas

    At Second Manassas, the Confederates captured 30 pieces of artillery, but from which Union batteries where they lost? I have accounted for 15 so far, they are: Hampton’s battery, 1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery F; lost 2 x 10pdr Parrotts on August 29th Thompson’s battery, Pennsylvania Light...
  14. Tom Elmore

    Late Afternoon July 2 Artillery Duel from Summit of Culp’s Hill

    Around 4 p.m. on July 2, Confederate artillery posted on Benner’s Hill opened fire on the Union lines on Cemetery hill and Culp’s hill. In response, five guns were eventually dispatched from the artillery brigade of the Twelfth Corps to the summit of Culp’s hill. They consisted of three...
  15. M

    Discussion Essential books about artillery?

    If one wanted to understand Civil War artillery, what are the top few books that person needs? A couple of references books and a couple of general Civil War artillery that are essential.
  16. Western Reserve Volunteer

    Discussion Artillery Batteries & Wagons

    Aside from the guns, limbers, caissons, battery wagon, and traveling forge, what other wagons would a battery be apt to have? I would assume they’d have some supply wagons attached for tents/mess ware/ect? A recent photo thread also mentioned ambulances, but I assume those were grouped at the...
  17. JPK Huson 1863

    Selling War, Era Artists' Pen And Ink Bandwagons

    Image from recruiting poster for the 1st US Cavalry. One reason these images are so charming is the horse suspended in mid-air. Before photography was able to capture motion, general idea was maybe a two-beat gallop? This officer is also indicative of recruiting posters through several wars, a...
  18. Tom Hughes

    Uniforms Early U.S. Artillery Button

    This early U.S. eagle Artillery button with a letter "A" on the breast shield dates to around 1830-1840. Even though the backmark is unknown, you can tell it's an early one because of the position of the eagle's feet and the gaping mouth. I dug this button in a camp near Champion Hill, MS. I...
  19. JohnDLittlefield

    Ammo Artillery round detonation

    I have a basic question about ACW artillery rounds. What types of fuses were used for contact sensitive detonation? Chemical, mechanical, or ?? If chemical, what was the basic design? I ask because I need to know the differences and similarities between field artillery and naval torpedoes...
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