1. SWMODave

    The battery is silent.

    Just before sunrise the troops were in position, and our Captain gave the command to commence firing. I dampen , sponge, ram the first cartridge home, and step back. A loud report, a cloud of smoke, and the battle of Cold Harbor has begun. I rapidly sponge out, a turn of the wrist, a whizzing of...
  2. SWMODave

    ... "skirmishing" with 12-pounder Napoleons.

    Buck Miller The General then went on to say that last evening, a little after dark, he rode along our skirmish line near the peach-orchard, where he came across a battery of artillery. He was surprised to find it so far in advance of our line of infantry, and inquired whose it was. A tall...
  3. SWMODave

    This was the greatest feat ever known in the history of the world

    USS Hartford There is, or has been a narrow gage RR from the town of Port Gibson to the landing at Grand Gulf. The bluffs back of the village and landing were selected for our batteries, and three siege guns, and four ten pound parrot guns, were placed in position and were soon ready for any...
  4. Cpl. Smith

    Wiard Rifle System

    what is and who used it?
  5. Cpl. Smith

    questions on the brookes guns

    This is going to be a broad one. So here they are! 1) I've read a little about the 6.4 and 7. Were there other sizes as well? 2) Were any mounted for siege work? (like one of the big siege parrots) 3) Where were they made? How many? 4) What made it special(or different)? Thanks in advance! Cpl...
  6. Belle Montgomery

    Authorities detonate live Civil War cannonball found in Kansas museum

    (I realize the detonation video is from elsewhere but thought it needed to be shown since Kansas didn't) PLEASANTON, KS (KMBC) — A live cannonball from the Civil War era that had been on display for 20 years at a Pleasanton museum was detonated Friday afternoon. The 90-pound cannonball was...
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    Why We're Better Together, Fellow Travelers, A Bird's Eye View Of Battle 1864

    It's that time of year. All of a sudden you realize wait, that's a bird singing! There's a reason birds are symbols of hope- new life, Spring and song? Trifecta, for we earth bound animals. Good to appreciate each other. Two footed friends of the ACW made the news, too. IMO talk about a...
  8. Luke Freet

    Felix Robertson: The Only Texas General

    Felix Robertson may be one of the lesser known generals of the war, and those who do know him mostly revile him for his actions at Saltville. He was born in Texas on March 9th, 1840, the son of then U.S. Army officer Jerome Robertson, who'd go on to command the Texas Brigade at Gettysburg...
  9. Z

    Artillery Chain of Command

    How did the chain of command work within an artillery battery? Who made decisions about the type of round to fire, the distance to the target, the length of the fuse if applicable, etc.? In other words, a courier dashes up to a battery commander and says, “Captain, your orders are to engage a...
  10. AUG

    The Valverde Battery

    Ambush at Bayou Teche by Mark Lemon. Possibly based on the capture of the USS Diana, in which the Valverde Battery played an instrumental role. The Valverde Battery was one of the most legendary Texas artillery units of the war. What made it so unique was the unusual circumstances of its...
  11. JohnOrtegae

    Is it possible to identify these artillery fragments from Gettysburg?

    I am wondering if it is possible to identify the types of fragments these are.
  12. SWMODave

    It is the have the cannon melted down and made into souvenirs

    Feb 22, 1894 Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh hosted the 1894 GAR National Encampment and as with other encampments, surplus Civil War cannons were melted down to supply trinkets and badges to members. Photographed above is the bronze 12 pounder, donated by the US government and pulled from the...
  13. Legion Para

    Redlegs: The U.S. Artillery from the Civil War to the Spanish American War, 1861–1898 (G.I. The Illu

    While this book was published in April 2016, some forum members might not be aware of it. Redlegs: The U.S. Artillery from the Civil War to the Spanish American War, 1861–1898 (G.I. The Illustrated History...
  14. WJC

    What Units were Issued Model 1860 Henrys?

    I am curious about the units that were issued Henrys during the war. Does anyone have a list or reference that might give such a list?
  15. Western Reserve Volunteer

    A Battery of Artillery Questions

    As I've been surfing the forums recently, and doing more research into my artillery impression, I have had a few questions I think would make for some interesting discussion fodder. So I thought I throw them out here, rapid fire style, and see if anyone knows the answer to some of the simpler...
  16. JPK Huson 1863

    James C. Patton's Flying War Machine Of The Confederacy- Almost

    This pre-war invention was not Patton's, the basket holding ' provisions ', not bombs. Inventors leapt from cliffs, launched themselves skyward encased in canvas and filled sketchbooks with improbably soaring, iron, steam puffing monsters. That inventors would foresee an air war was inevitable...
  17. SWMODave

    The most conspicuous act of reckless courage I ever saw....

    Photo of writer courtesy Find a Grave The most conspicuous act of reckless courage I ever saw displayed on any battlefield during our great civil war occurred at the second battle of Manassas on the 30th of August, 1862. It was performed by a Federal artillerist in the presence of both armies...
  18. Western Reserve Volunteer

    Musing on Where (Or is it Wear?) to take my Impression

    Basically at the moment I am contemplating whether to presume a cavalry or infantry impression. I have or am working on gaining a lot of the prerequisite skills for a cavalry impression, as I am a intermediate level rider and also am part of a historical fencing club and am trying to take up...
  19. Cpl. Smith

    New market!!!!!!

    I know I'm a bit excited. But it's spring! It's time to break from winter quarters and get campaigning. Seasons about to start for many of us and New Market may be first event this year for some of y'all. I've done 2 this year all ready and this will be my first reenactment this year. Looking...
  20. davebleedsblue

    ID Help Please: Confederate 2nd Pattern Artillery Officer's Kepi

    Hey everyone! First, photos: I picked this up yesterday from a shop that occasionally has some amazing finds. Took me by surprise to see this there, and despite the price tag I couldn't let it go. Anyway, I believe (am hoping) this is a genuine Confederate 2nd...
  21. HblairH

    Cannonballs/Solid Shot?

    I recently purchased these and while I believe they may predate the civil war I thought this might be a good place to start in a search for information on them. They were found on a ranch just south of Gonzales, TX while surface hunting for arrow heads. The photo is from the seller. Any...
  22. AUG

    Sgt. Joseph V. Bogy, Arkansas Artilleryman

    Ran across this photo of Sgt. Joseph Vetol Bogy on Find A Grave: Here's his obituary in the Confederate Veteran 23, p. 468: Bogy's unit, McNally's Arkansas Battery (aka Adams Artillery, Gaines' Battery, or 1st Arkansas Field...
  23. Belle Montgomery

    Beautiful Civil War Monument- Soldiers AND Sailors Monument- Cleveland, Oh 1896-Public Square

    Perched proudly on Cleveland's Public Square is an 125' high monument dedicated exclusively to the Civil War-All four sides depict action-Built in 1896-inside 1894-renovated 2008. During the summer months you can visit INSIDE the monument to learn and see a lot more too! Cleveland Rocks! For...
  24. SWMODave

    Almost scrapped during WWII, Civil War treasures in a small Kansas town

    Both photos courtesy Waymarking Back in 1986, while visiting relatives in Hutchinson, Kansas, I was taken to visit their Soldiers and Sailors Monument, which is located in the center of their town. The monument is beautiful, with soldiers on the four corners depicting infantry, artillery...
  25. SWMODave

    General Shelby's Pet Battery, and Their Pet Bear

    Courtesy Wilson's Creek National Battlefield Shelby and His Men: Or, The War in the West By John Newman Edwards This battery of Collins' was one of the features of the old brigade, too, and the men had a species of tender love and reverence for the guns. They wanted them in their midst. They...
  26. 20th_NYArtillery

    Big Boom?

    Two shots from a parent of one of our members. First shot is of our reproduction of a 12 pdr Mountain howitzer and the second is of our 1872 12 pdr Light Dahlgren. Mind you, we were only firing roughly 1/3 lb of powder for each shot. That mountain howitzer though was making a few of our guys...
  27. 20th_NYArtillery

    Big Boom?

    Two shots from a parent of one of our members. First shot is of our reproduction of a 12 pdr Mountain howitzer and the second is of our 1872 12 pdr Light Dahlgren. Mind you, we were only firing roughly 1/3 lb of powder for each shot. That mountain howitzer though was making a few of our guys...
  28. 20th_NYArtillery

    Gun Research

    So I've been designated both Quartermaster and Historian of my unit. We want to look into where our gun(s) were possibly used. Our first on is a Heavy 12pdr Dahlgren Boat Howitzer. On the breach is stamped USNY WASHINGTON 759 Lbs 69 PRE No. 92. That gun is stamped 1862 on top of the barrel...
  29. 20th_NYArtillery

    Light Artillery Militia Uniforms

    So I'm looking into Light Artillery uniforms for NYS Militia so that our unit can get all new jackets and trousers and the right gear so that when we go to reenactments we don't look so rag-tag. We've tracked down what NYS Militia jackets look like and some reference photos from the US Army's...
  30. skb8721

    Case Shot Ball Found This Morning on Sidewalk in Franklin, Louisiana

    Today while walking down a sidewalk in Franklin, La., in front of the Church of the Assumption, I spotted the below artifact in a patch of dirt next to the sidewalk: it appears to be a .50 caliber case shot ball. (At home I measured the ball with calipers. It looks kinda flat in the photo, but...
  31. rabitaenterprises

    Brogans & Artillery Boots Civil War

    Hello Friend Hope that you all are fine and enjoying good health.I am not sure i am putting it on right section or not please help me if i was wrong. I would like to inform you that we are the manufacture of American civil are Brograns and Artillery shoes with low prices. If anybody interested...
  32. F

    Confederate artillery pants?

    Does anyone know anything about these pants? I think they might be confederate artillery pants but I'm not sure. I can not find any other examples with the green and red stripe down the side. Any help would be appreciated!
  33. skb8721

    Civil War Artillery Fuse?

    Lately I've been metal-detecting a lot near the site of a Confederate camp and have had lots of luck finding things that look like Civil War relics but are actually not Civil War relics. Today I found the below item, which looked the world to me like an artillery fuse . . . yet I cannot find a...
  34. skb8721

    Civil War Artifact, Yea or Nay?

    Hi! I found this object today while metal detecting on site of the Battle of Fort Bisland in south Louisiana. I can't figure out if it's war-related or not. What do you think? One end of it is hexagonal, and the inside of this hexagonal section is hollow -- in fact, the entire artifact is...
  35. skb8721

    Is This Cannonball Still Dangerous?

    Hi! Someone recently offered me a Civil War cannonball dredged up from Vermilion Bay off the south Louisiana coast over 20 years ago. When I stopped by to pick it up, I noted with some alarm that the ball still had a fuse in it! What I am wondering is: Is the ball still dangerous? Some...
  36. James N.

    How to Fire a Civil War Cannon

    Part I - Cannoneers Post! We're all familiar with the roar of the guns and maybe even the smell of the gunpowder, but exactly how was it that Civil War artillery was manned and the guns were fired, according to regulation and the period drill employed by the armies of the North and South...
  37. AUG

    A History of Bledsoe's Missouri Battery

    As mentioned here a number of times before, Francis M. Cockrell's famed 1st Missouri Brigade was the only Confederate Missouri infantry to serve east of the Mississippi River and made quite a name for themselves throughout the Western Theater. However, there were a number of lesser-known C.S...
  38. AUG

    Captain Samuel C. Clark, grandson of explorer William Clark

    Samuel Churchill Clark, the grandson of famed explorer William Clark and the son of noted designer-architect Meriwether Lewis Clark, was born in St. Louis in 1842. He entered West Point in 1859, but left the academy when the Civil War began and enlisted as a private in the Missouri State Guard...

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