artillery battery

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  1. Joshism

    Rebel Battery at Pensacola?

    I saw this posted to a Facebook group. The photo is allegedly a Confederate battery at Pensacola. There does appear to be a lighthouse in the left background. I don't know how far the Confederate batteries extended west of the Pensacola Lighthouse and Fort Barrancas in 1861-1862. Do you think...
  2. Gettysburg Bullet

    Artillery question

    I started to read, “Peach Orchard - A GettysburgBattlefield Guided Tour,” by Ralph Siegel and Mike Vallone(decreased). On page 21, it talks about Branch’s South Carolina commanded by Lt. Gilbert. I thought Lt. Gilbert commanded Brooks S. Carolina Battery and that Latham commanded Branch’s...
  3. lelliott19

    Burned his Thumb Off at No. 3 - Pvt. Judson Porter of the Troup Artillery

    A "thumb stall," such as the one pictured above, is worn by No. 3 of a gun crew to "stop the vent" on a hot cannon. As I understand it, blocking the vent prevents air from being sucked into the barrel through the vent hole and accidentally reigniting hot embers from the previous shot. Here's a...
  4. lelliott19

    "Jeems, oh, Jeems, did you hear that ar shell?" - Troup Artillery Carlton's Battery Georgians

    "Jeems, oh, Jeems, did you hear that ar shell? Begolly, it went jest like a kivy of Georgia patriges." Two guns of the Troup Artillery [Carlton's Battery] were in the middle of the Telegraph road near Fredericksburg, Va., firing cannister [sic] shot at the Yankees who were very near and...
  5. Z

    Artillery Chain of Command

    How did the chain of command work within an artillery battery? Who made decisions about the type of round to fire, the distance to the target, the length of the fuse if applicable, etc.? In other words, a courier dashes up to a battery commander and says, “Captain, your orders are to engage a...
  6. AUG

    The Valverde Battery

    Ambush at Bayou Teche by Mark Lemon. Possibly based on the capture of the USS Diana, in which the Valverde Battery played an instrumental role. The Valverde Battery was one of the most legendary Texas artillery units of the war. What made it so unique was the unusual circumstances of its...
  7. lelliott19

    Charlie - Little Dog of the Troup Artillery (Ga)

    Source of painting: On Memorial Day, May 26,1911, George Baber Atkisson*, a Private of the Troup Artillery (Capt. Henry H. Carlton's battery), memorialized Charlie, the little dog who "enlisted" into the unit on August 1, 1861, on the march, at...
  8. SWMODave

    General Shelby's Pet Battery, and Their Pet Bear

    Courtesy Wilson's Creek National Battlefield Shelby and His Men: Or, The War in the West By John Newman Edwards This battery of Collins' was one of the features of the old brigade, too, and the men had a species of tender love and reverence for the guns. They wanted them in their midst. They...
  9. AUG

    A History of Bledsoe's Missouri Battery

    As mentioned here a number of times before, Francis M. Cockrell's famed 1st Missouri Brigade was the only Confederate Missouri infantry to serve east of the Mississippi River and made quite a name for themselves throughout the Western Theater. However, there were a number of lesser-known C.S...
  10. AUG

    Van Den Corput's Battery at the Battle of Resaca

    On May 15, 1864 the Confederate Army of Tennessee under Gen. Joe Johnston was entrenched north and west of Resaca, Georgia with its left on the Oostanaula River and the right extending to the Conasauga. They had just beaten back multiple assaults by the Union Army of the Cumberland and Army of...
  11. AUG

    Captain Samuel C. Clark, grandson of explorer William Clark

    Samuel Churchill Clark, the grandson of famed explorer William Clark and the son of noted designer-architect Meriwether Lewis Clark, was born in St. Louis in 1842. He entered West Point in 1859, but left the academy when the Civil War began and enlisted as a private in the Missouri State Guard...
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