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  1. Eleanor Rose

    The Story of a Fallen Woman with a Twist!

    The Awakening Conscience by William Holman Hunt - 1853. (Public Domain) William Holman Hunt’s painting, The Awakening Conscience, attempts to address the common Victorian narrative of the fallen woman. The young lady appears to be a stereotypical, a young unmarried woman engaged in an affair...
  2. damYankee

    Discussion Cameron Art Museum tribute to the USCT

    In North Carolina near the site of one of the last battles of the Civil War fought in that state, artist are creating a bronze image of the USCT soldiers who fought and died for this country, and their freedom, IMO this is something that deserves our respect, this should unite us and...
  3. Neagle2VR

    Family Cemetery of Pvt. Columbus Raleigh Moore, Co F 2 VA Art

    This is the family cemetery where my gg grandfather is buried. Pvt. Columbus Raleigh Moore, Co F 2 VA Art (Lunenburg Rebels, Capt. Allen's Co). Served at Chaffin's Farm from 1862 til March? 1865, when he was transfered to Co E 18 VA Inf. Was captured at Five Forks and sent to Point Lookout and...
  4. Neagle2VR

    Key Basket...Craft art of Household Tool ?

    Are leather key baskets considered craft art, or more as household tools ?
  5. JPK Huson 1863

    The Art Of Who We Were, Balls and Grace And Lace And Nice

    Sure, it's a romantic image. Women, men, lace, ringlets, fans and cravats, silk slippers and long-tailed coats. You can smell lavender hanging in the air, too. What we tend to miss is the social backdrop, expectations making a ball possible to be held at all. It was nice. Image above is a little...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    Sappy, Wonderful Song Book Art, " When This Cruel War Is Over "

    Isn't it evocative? Illustration scream ' era ', lyrics got to you because an awful lot of Americans could relate to them. Not being at ALL musical, still love the bejammers out of some of these. I realize this one was well known and still is- I'm always, always smitten by era art work-...
  7. E

    ENDED John Paul Strain (Horse Marines Classic AP 7/15)

    All, I am selling one of my J.P.Strain giclees this year to help fund another purchase. Description: Classic Giclee (Framed) Artist Proof (AP) - 7/15 Artist Link: Price: $1000.00 - including shipping to continental US addresses...
  8. G

    Personally I like period art work

    No knock against the wildly popular contemporary and very talented artists, I have about 20 period pieces of "art" and if you like i can post them from time to time like several done by Julian Scott the MOH recipient...fifer from VT and of course simply solider drawings, paintings as they saw...
  9. M

    American art and art movements effected by the Civil War?

    In the years leading up to the Civil War the only homegrown artistic movement was the Hudson River School of romantic landscape painting. Other than the Hudson River School most American painters followed European artistic schools. For example Emanuel Leutze, who in 1860 painted a stairway in...
  10. kilroy15

    Sketch of J.D. Putnam's Stump

    My grandfather, (Ole Miss) and I recently visited Shiloh. It was my 4th time visiting and by far, my most informative one. As we were traveling down Corinth-Pittsburg Landing Road, I discovered a new landmark: J.D. Putnam's Stump. So, we stopped by and I took a quick picture of it, and later...
  11. R

    ENDED Stonewall "Jackson's Winter Campaign" - G. Harvey Artist's Proof Print

    Hello, Thanks for the add to this forum. First-time post here. Looking to move a framed print that I've owned for some time. Below is the text I have running on a Craigslist post. Looking for $400, which is a bargain if you do a quick search on this artist's proof print. I'm located in...
  12. Cavalry Charger

    Augustus Saint-Gaudens - Sculptor of Civil War Leaders

    Great sculptors originated from both sides of the Civil War. After discovering and posting on one, whose influences were deeply embedded in his Southern experience, I have now discovered another, whose Northern roots proved to be a guiding influence in his work. (Commentary below taken from...
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