army of northern virginia

  1. Luke Freet

    Petersburg Confederate Unit Strengths over time

    I remember about 2-3 years ago I came across this website which had collected a bunch of unit reports for the siege of Petersburg, and had a list of troop strengths over time that was very helpful. I can't find it anymore and I believe it has just been deleted or lost. Anyways, the meat and...
  2. Luke Freet

    Appomattox Surrender Confederate Unit Strengths

    Going off of NPS's order of battle listing, I wish to compile a page of the Confederate parole numbers, from regiments up to divisions to Corps level. This is to help get a frame of mind to understand just how poor a state the AoNV actually was by the end. Source...
  3. Luke Freet

    Timetable of Reinforcement of AoNV, Overland Campaign

    I am doing work on a project looking at the Battle of the Wilderness and later hopefully the Overland Campaign as a whole. I noticed that much of Lee's army was detached at the beginning of the campaign. Longstreet only had 2 of his divisions, 2 brigades and a couple of regiments of II Corps had...
  4. Luke Freet

    Confederate Unit Strengths in the Overland Campaign (Army, Corps, Division, and/or Brigade)

    I am wondering if anyone has any statistics regarding the number of troops Lee had at the start of the May 64 Campaign season. I know Antietam and Gettysburg have better documentation on this subject in their regard, but the only numbers I find are that Lee had overall 65000 men, and the Texas...
  5. JohnOrtegae

    This is FANTASTIC collection to me!

    Of all the cases in this collection I just brought into the house, this one is the most fun. The label says: "Artifacts excavated in several winter camps of the Confederate Army near Fredericksburg and Hamilton's Crossing, Virginia. The camps date mainly from the winter of 1862-1863. This...
  6. sailorruss

    Hello from semi-Sunny Florida

    1 I would like to introduce myself. One of my greatest passions is history. I can say, “Well I love all history and I make sure to always spread my time equally.” I also sell bridges, skyscrapers & portions of the moon. I try not to taken myself too seriously. If there is a bad pun to be made...
  7. Sorah_45thVA

    To die in the Valley with Jackson (Cedar Mountain)

    Yesterday marked the 156 year since the battle of Cedar Mountain (or Slaughter Mtn.) Not only was this engagement the final instalment of Jackson's Valley Greatness but it was the opening act of the transition to Second Manasssas and ultimately Antitem. My fifth Great Grandfather (Burrell B...
  8. Z

    Civil War Rivalries

    I’m wondering if there were any rivalries (friendly or otherwise) between different units during the Civil War. I’m mostly wondering about the Union Army of the Potomac but either side any theater is good. Did two regiments or brigades or divisions or corps hate each other? For example, I...
  9. chellers

    General Lee’s Immortals: The Battles and Campaigns of the Branch-Lane Brigade in the Army of Norther

    Michael C. Hardy (Author) Savas Beatie (November 19, 2017) Two decades after the end of the Civil War, former Confederate officer Riddick Gatlin bewailed the lack of a history of the famous Branch-Lane Brigade, within which he had served. “Who has ever written a line to tell of the sacrifices...
  10. James N.

    Book Review Manassas to Appomattox - The Civil War Memoirs of Pvt. Edgar Warfield, 17th Virginia Infantry

    I recently discovered this slim 1996 paperback edition of a memoir originally published in 1936 as A Confederate Soldier's Memoirs by the sons of author Edgar Warfield upon the death of their father two years earlier. When the war began, eighteen year-old Edgar was living in Alexandria...

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