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  1. Seduzal

    Battle of Marks Mill and Cemetery.

    All photos used by permission from my niece Ruth Ann Hazelwood who lives in Fordyce, AR. Photos taken 15 June 19.
  2. Belle Montgomery

    Abraham Lincoln's merciful Christmas letter to his Confederate cousins sold

    It was days before Christmas 1863, and Abraham Lincoln wanted to offer an example of goodwill to the fractured nation in the midst of the Civil War. The Craig family, cousins to Lincoln's wife Mary Todd, were a slave-holding family in Arkansas who had fled their plantation as Union forces took...
  3. Luke Freet

    Arkansas General Thomas J. Churchill

    Born in Louisville, Kentucky, March 10th 1824. Served as a Lieutenant in the 1st Kentucky Mounted Rifles during the Mexican war; got captured and remain a pow for the rest of the war. Moved to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1848, and was appointed by President Buchanan as the postmaster of Little...
  4. AUG

    The Camden Knights, Co. C, 1st Arkansas Infantry Quarter-plate ambrotype of Private Christopher C. Scott and Private Christopher Thrower in the early war uniform of the Camden Knights, organized as Company C of the 1st...
  5. AUG

    The Battle of Jenkins' Ferry by Silas C. Turnbo

    (Random illustration from Battles & Leaders. Not Jenkins' Ferry but I thought it would go well with the article.) The following is Silas Claiborne "Claib" Turnbo's account of the battle of Jenkins' Ferry, Ark., April 30, 1864. At 18 years old, Turnbo enlisted as a private in Co. A, 27th...
  6. SWMODave

    A family connected by blood, yet separated by conflict

    If you spend anytime in McIntosh County, Georgia, and especially the town of Darien, you might hear about the Scottish Highlanders immigrant John Mohr McIntosh. Darien, Georgia is known by Civil War enthusiasts as the town burnt in the movie Glory by Union forces that included troops from the...
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    Seven Vigilant Men And Mrs. Hillier, Arkansas, 1864

    Popular " Ladies Companion " books published idyllic, wistful etchings, ideals clung to in a country stunned by stories like Mrs. Hillier's. North and South, the barbaric nature of war as it reached into homes was thankfully spread by journalists. Please excuse a second unhappy account in a...
  8. AUG

    6th-7th Arkansas Infantry

    The 1864 Hardee pattern of the 6th & 7th Arkansas Infantry (consolidated) in Govan's Arkansas Brigade, Cleburne's Division, Hardee's Corps, Army of Tennessee. This flag was carried throughout the Atlanta Campaign until captured in the battle of Jonesboro, Ga, Sept. 1, 1864. 6th Arkansas...
  9. Legion Para

    3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment

  10. K

    Disappearance of Civilian in DeValls Bluff, AR in April 1865

    I am researching a man who left home (Illinois) in March 1865. It is documented that he then disappeared after writing home from DeVall's Bluff, AR on 3 April 1865. He was a carpenter by trade and had not enlisted as far as I can tell. He was expected to return to Illinois in September 1865...
  11. James N.

    The Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, December 7, 1862

    Part I - March to Battle In The Bayonet or Retreat by artist Andy Thomas depicting the 37th Illinois Volunteer Regiment at the Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, Union troops from the command of Brig. Gen. Francis Herron briefly penetrate the Confederate line at the Borden House. Below, the...
  12. AUG

    John M. W. Baird and Henry Clements, 1st Arkansas Infantry

    Pards, John M. W. Baird and Henry Clements in Co. G "The Jackson Guards" of the 1st Arkansas Infantry. Both were from Jacksonport, Arkansas and were among the first to enlist; Baird was only 18 years old and Clements 19. They probably had their photograph taken shortly after enlisting and are...
  13. AUG

    Hempstead Rifles, 3rd Arkansas State Troops Early war photograph of the Hempstead Rifles, Co. B, 3rd Arkansas State Troops, standing in front of the Jones Hotel in Washington, Arkansas. Raised in Hempstead County, the company completed its organization at Washington on May...