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  1. JPK Huson 1863

    Antietam's Lone Grave Under A Tree, An Immigrant's Final Peace?

    One of the war's most stark, iconic images- Antietam's lone tree, a grave and soldiers who lived through the bloodbath called Antietam. Apologies if this has already been done- you know what it's like. " HOLY heck, FOUND it! " We geeks can get carried away. I'm not claiming to have found...
  2. ErnieMac

    Merry Christmas from the Antietam Forum

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Antietam / Sharpsburg Forum.
  3. upton j.

    Collection Antietam Relics

    Starting to get some of my dug relics from years ago out of cigar boxes and jars and into display cases thought i would share some photos.
  4. Bruce Vail

    Discussion Antietam Battlefield guide logs new record...

    Here is a nice article from the Hagerstown (Md.) Herald Mail about battlefield guide Michale Priest.
  5. Beltplate53

    Collection Antietam

    My case of relics from Antietam. Specifically from Burnside Bridge and just west on the Shade farm.
  6. NH Civil War Gal

    Official Muster 2020 Antietam Fall Muster Announced! October 9th -- 11th

    If you're interested in going to this event, please RSVP in the module at the top of the thread! Get your RSVP in before September 25th! Civil War Talk Fall Muster, October 9th - 11th, 2020 “Antietam in the Autumn” To be Determined! Friday, October 9 Saturday, October 10 Sunday October...
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    " There Should Be No Enemies In This Place ", Lincoln's Handshaking Rebel

    Like every barn, house, shed and out building in an around Sharpsburg, Maryland, Smith's barn was a hospital after all the shooting stopped. President Lincoln visited shattered men in hospitals there , men who fought on both sides. What you have to love about President Lincoln stories is the...
  8. CivilWarTalk

    Table Artillery Pieces Participating At Antietam, September 17, 1862

    TYPE OF PIECE No. of USA Artillery % of USA Artillery No. of CSA Artillery % of CSA Artillery No. of TOTAL USA & CSA ARTILLERY % of TOTAL USA & CSA ARTILLERY (R) 10 pdr. Parrott Rifle 57 18.9% 43 17.8% 100 18.4% (R) 3 in. Ordnance Rifle 81 26.9% 42 17.4% 123 22.6% (R) 20 pdr...
  9. lelliott19

    Report: 10th Georgia Casualties at Crampton's Gap and Antietam

    [Southern Recorder. (Milledgeville, Ga.), October 14, 1862, page 2.] Report of Casualties of September 14 at Crampton's Gap & September 17 at Sharpsburg 10th Georgia, Paul J Semmes' Brigade, McLaws' Division In addition to the casualties of the 10th Georgia, the correspondent also provides...
  10. lelliott19

    Report: 44th Georgia Casualties in the Battle of Sharpsburg

    Report of Casualties of the 44th Georgia, Ripley's brigade, D H Hill's division. This undated report of casualties was published in the Atlanta Intelligencer and reprinted in the Southern Recorder, October 14, 1862. Sgt Maj/A Adjt M V Estes reports the regiment went into action with 150 men and...
  11. Andy Cardinal

    Say What? Saturday: Thomas Galwey Quote

    I have always been interested in texts that show what the experience of fighting in the ranks during the Civil War was like. Sergeant Thomas Galwey wrote of his war experiences in The Valiant Hours, based on his diary, which in my opinion is one of the best accounts written by a Civil War...
  12. JPK Huson 1863

    A Walk Through The Field Hospitals, Antietam, September 1862

    The shattered Sherrick property, house, outbuildings and barn were filled with wounded by the time Alexander Gardner arrived three days post battle. Intent is only to give a September, 1862 eye witness view of post battle Antietam, Maryland. Overwhelmed, understaffed Army medical staff did...
  13. Andy Cardinal

    Special Say What? -- George B. McClellan Quote

    It is not too much of a stretch to say that there was more at stake during the first two weeks of September 1862 than at any other time during the war. Southern armies were on the move across in Mississippi, Kentucky, and western Virginia. In Virginia, after defeating two Union armies, Robert...
  14. lelliott19

    5th Texas at Sharpsburg: Bravest Act I Ever Witnessed

    "...not because the hero was the bravest man I ever saw, but because this act was uncalled for and showed an indifference to death that might rank it with devil-may-care exploits rather than cool deeds of deliberate daring, where there was a duty..." When I first ran across the article below...
  15. D

    Collection Grandfathers"arsenal"

    My Grandparents lived in Harper's Ferry W.Va which was the scene of at least 3 Civil War battles and bombardments between 1861 and 1864. My Grandfather acquired bullets and live unexploded artillery shells from neighbors who had seen fragments lying around. and some he found himself. He lived...
  16. JPK Huson 1863

    Dunker Church Stands Sentinel, September 1862

    There's an image more famous than this of Dunker Church, on Antietam's battlefield. Dead men sprawled nearby make it eerie. Men killed in war in proximity to a place dedicated ( among other things ) to a non-violent existence with each other a jarring reminder maybe the Dunkers had it right...
  17. Belle Montgomery

    Future Military Providers Learn From Past Battlefield Lessons: The Antietam Road March

    Photo By Thomas Balfour | The Sunken Lane in Sharpsburg, Md., was the site of a vicious battle between northern... read more MD, UNITED STATES 08.30.2019 Courtesy Story Uniformed...
  18. Andy Cardinal

    Say What? Saturday: Alpheus Williams

    Alpheus Williams was one of the best division commanders (and most overlooked) on either side during the Civil War. He was born in Connecticut in 1810, graduated from Yale in 1831, and moved to Detroit in 1836. He served as a lawyer, judge, bank president, and newspaper editor before the war and...
  19. Andy Cardinal

    "We Know That You Were Carrying Out Orders": The Burning of the Mumma Farm

    The first Mummas in America emigrated from the Rhine River Valley in 1732, arriving in Philadelphia and settling in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In May 1796, Jacob Mumma purchased 324 acres along Antietam Creek and moved his family to the Sharpsburg area. Jacob purchased a 151 acre property that...
  20. lelliott19

    Toombs' Brigade at Antietam: Sgt. John S. Hudson "Tell mother..."

    I turned aside yesterday in the battle to see how a true soldier can die. He was of twenty two or three summers -- of clear skin and mild blue eyes -- John S. Hudson of Elbert county, Ga. His thigh had been torn off by a shell, and hung only by a thin piece skin. He was calm and resigned, though...
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