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  1. Desert Kid

    My Civil War Ancestry.

    All of mine are maternal. My grandmothers paternal line. Private/Farrier William Singleton Lee, Company C. Baylor's 2nd Texas Cavalry, CSA (4x great grandfather) Pvt. Elcana Blevins Dennis, Company C, Baylor's 2nd Texas Cavalry CSA.(4x Great Uncle) Pvt. Barnett H. Dennis, Company D, 15th Texas...
  2. lupaglupa

    Free access to Ancestry through April

    With full subscriptions costing almost $200, many genealogists head to their local libraries to get access to the information on Ancestry. Ancestry has long restricted this access to use in the library only and not allowed at home use through library websites. Due to the Corona Virus, Ancestry...
  3. Zella

    Top 10 Ancestry Threads for 2019

    ANCESTRY 🧬 TOP 10 ~ 2019 🎆 Hello, all! I'm always amazed by how knowledgeable and helpful our group is on the Ancestry forum, and I want to thank all of you for your contributions this year--whether it's posting wonderful threads or providing helpful responses to questions or adding...
  4. Wendybud

    Virginia ancestry

    There is so much to learn on our civil war family history. i have ancestors from Virginia sir name northam and there was a slave named ralph corbin. The other side from delaware , sir name lloyd or loyd most likely many ancestors in the union. Lots to dig up. The northam family being one of the...

    American Railroad Mergers and Family History Charts For those interested in Ancestry and Family Trees, some excellent charts on the above web page of Railroad background. Cheers, USS ALASKA
  6. D

    POLL: How many people have ordered the pension records of their civil war ancestor(s)?

    I have found my ancestors pension to be invaluable to my research. The age and depth of the collection makes it one of the oldest and widest collections of personal data available on US citizens (consider that more than half of World War II army personal records burned in a fire during the...
  7. Zella

    Your Irish Civil War Ancestry

    In honor of St. Patrick's Day . . . Do you have Irish ancestors who served during in the war? If so, tell us about them! :smile: I personally don't have any Irish relatives, though that's not for lack of my family trying to claim we do. :D I was always told my family has Irish ancestry, but...
  8. Sorah_45thVA

    Please help!

    I was hoping for more information on the following ancestors of mine, possibly even the Fold3s?? James Owen & John F. Sorah, 63rd Virginia Inf./54th Virginia Battlion Inf. Francis Marion Sorah, 48th Virginia Inf. Thank you guys, also why am I hitting a dead end on my Sorah geneolgy? Besides...
  9. Sorah_45thVA

    Help: 45th Virginia info please!

    Was wondering about the 45th Virginia Infantry which saw all of its action in modern West Virginia except for assisting for a few months in East Tennessee. Specifically Company E. which my ancestor Telemachus Marion Hull was in. I know very little about him and his unit any help or links to...
  10. T

    Sgt. Robert Lee Weddington CSA North Carolina 20th Regiment Company A- HELP PLEASE!

    I've been researching my family history and ancestor's activities in the Civil War and I need some help finding more information. My great-great grandfather was Robert Lee Weddington of the CSA. He had 2 brothers, Samuel A. and William M., who were in the same Company and Regiment, and a sister...
  11. Cdoug96

    Need help with Jacob L. Walter

    Hi, I need help finding out Jacob L. Walter's regiment. He was born in 1826 in Turbotville, Northumberland, Pennsylvania he died in 1912 in Clayton, Lenawee, Michigan. The record of the graveyard he was buried in says he was a soldier but does not give the regiment. He arrived in Michigan...
  12. Cdoug96

    Chris Douglas' Civil War Ancestors

    Here are my Civil War ancestors. I will start with my direct ancestors first. Direct Ancestors Pvt. William Douglas (circa 1818 - 1897) Relationship: great, great, great, great grandfather Regiments: 4th Regiment Illinois Cavalry (Company D) and 12th Regiment Illinois Cavalry (Company L)...
  13. Cdoug96

    I need help finding out if John M. L. Porter fought in the War

    I need help finding out if my ancestor John Meyers Lawrence Porter fought in the Civil War or not. Here is what I know of him. He usually just went as John Porter or John M. L. Porter. Born 6 Nov 1830 in Claryville, Allegany, Maryland. Died 29 Mar 1901 in Ogden, Lenawee County, Michigan...
  14. leftyhunter

    Famous Celebrities who had Civil War ancestors

    Their has to be a passel full that's for sure. One of my favorite male Southerners is the King , Sir Elvis of Presley. Elvis's GGf was Duanne Presley Jr who twice joined and twice deserted two Confederate Regiments down Mississippi way and both times absconded with a $300 CSA bounty and lived...
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