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  1. Desert Kid

    Shattered Nation-Filling the Gaps

    This thread was an idea taken from @OldReliable1862 and at the behest of another Shattered Nation fan @CanadianCanuck I have decided to create an ideas and a Filling the Gaps thread ala the Filling the Gaps thread for Timeline 191 on to show appreciation and kick around...
  2. Luke Freet

    Cleburne made a Corps Commander?

    Many say that Patrick Cleburne was blocked from a rightfully-earned Corps command after his infamous proposition to arm slaves, and his rise was stunted with this action. As much of an admirer of Cleburne and his actions in the war, I do not feel that Cleburne would have lived up to the moniker...
  3. Luke Freet

    Confederate Officers Willing To Lead Black Troops

    I and other members have discussed at length the playability of the Confederate deciding to recruit colored regiments. I do not wish to discuss the playability of this scenario. So, if the confederates decided to recruit colored troops, either just Freeman or offering slaves freedom for their...
  4. Luke Freet

    Future Leaders in the CSA

    So, lets say the CSA manages to win against the Union and peace is signed (Im gonna put 1864 as the year of change, since that is where most of my research into possible alt history scenarios has been directed) Tensions sparked by nationalistic sentiment, fostered by a recently elected veteran...
  5. Luke Freet

    Looking for a thread

    I have been looking for a thread on a theoretical reorganization of the confederate army in 1863, the formation of new brigades and divisions from disparate commands for a more efficient structure. I cant seem to be able to find it. Maybe Ive been looking for it in the wrong places. Maybe Im...
  6. Luke Freet

    Alternatives for the 1864 Valley Campaign

    Recently, people on this board have been speaking of alternative commanders to lead in the Valley Campaign. I myself have posted a thread trying to look at the thought of reinforcing Early with excess troops from the Army of Tennessee. I create this thread to look for general alternatives...
  7. wbull1

    War Elephants

    The King of Siam offered to supply elephants to Abraham Lincoln, who politely declined his offer. What if Lincoln had accepted? Would elephants have made a difference? In what way?
  8. M

    What if reconstruction looked a little bit different

    Disclaimer: I DO NOT WISH TO OFFEND. I love all people. I wish no ill will to anyone or their ancestors from 150 years ago. As we all know only one confederate leader was tried and then executed after the war. I forget the name... I’m sure it’s around... but he was commander at the prison...
  9. Luke Freet

    Free Blacks in the South and the CSA

    I am working on an Alt history story involving the enactment of Cleburne's proposal to arm slaves, and one of the central characters in my story is supposed to be a freeman from Atlanta or Mobile (or somewhere from the Deep South). As I came up with the character (Scipio Johnson is his name...
  10. B

    Question of Southern/Confederate Secession and Civil War in the early to mid 1850s vs 1860s

    I just finished reading the book Texas, New Mexico, and the Compromise of 1850 which covers the Texas-New Mexico boundary dispute and the legislative debates of 1849-1850 only one of numerous books covering this topic (America's Great Debate, On the Brink of Civil War, and Prologue to Conflict)...
  11. Luke Freet

    How could the CSA have won the Atlanta Campaign?

    To me, the confederates had very few opportunities to turn the tide on Sherman. A continued defense would only result in Sherman circumventing Confederate defenses. Was there a particular point when the Confederates could have turned the tide? At Reseca? Cassville? New Hope? Kennesaw? The 3...
  12. Luke Freet

    Confederate Victory at Atlanta: Could it Happen, and Could it have brought Southern Victory?

    Would a Confederate victory during the Atlanta Campaign have been possible? When, where, who, and how would that be accomplished?
  13. Luke Freet

    Post-War Confederate Military: Organization

    I wish to look at how the Confederate Army would be organized following the war (Assuming that McClellan wins the '64 election due to Union repulse at Atlanta and an armistice in '65). How many regiments would it have? How much will each state contribute to it? I presume that a comparatively...
  14. Luke Freet

    Post-War Confederate Military: Organization

    I wish to look at how the Confederate Army would be organized following the war (Assuming that McClellan wins the '64 election due to Union repulse at Atlanta and an armistice in '65). How many regiments would it have? How much will each state contribute to it? I presume that a comparatively...
  15. B

    Fort Sumter isn't fired upon

    We all know the familiar tale of Fort Sumter it was a Federal military installation in South Carolina in the city of Charleston that was attacked by Confederate forces thus the first shots of the Civil War and the conflict began. However it may have been different if the Confederates opted not...
  16. Luke Freet

    Amatuer Alt Hist: C.S.C.T.

    I joined this server to implore for information pertaining to my (amateur) alt history writing project. Currently working on a story about the south implementing Cleburne's 1864 proposal, to start recruiting slaves into the Confederate army in exchange for their emancipation, to make up for...
  17. OldReliable1862

    Political Parties of an Independent CSA

    The Confederate government, despite its brief existence, still managed to divide itself over some important political issues. There was never time for true political parties to emerge, but but in the latter half of the war, it could be said that there were "pro-" and "anti-Davis" factions in...
  18. B

    Would You Love to See More Civil War Alternate History Make it to the Big or Small Screen?

    As many of us on CWT know there is a type of alternate history called 'Confederate Victory' alternate history otherwise known as Civil War alternate history (CWAH) next to World War II alternate history it's one of the most popular places for "What If?" fiction out there I mean we even have a...
  19. OldReliable1862

    Confederate Kentucky - Planning Thread

    Hi everybody, my Confederate Kentucky timeline has languished in development hell for a while now, and will likely be there a little longer still. My main reason for this is concerns over plausibility in various respects. I've asked several of the best minds available on both this site and other...
  20. B

    Earlier Civil War

    During the late 1820s and early 1830s, there was a bit of sectional tension between the Northern and Southern states over tariffs under the presidency of John Quincy Adams the infamous "Tariff of Abominations" signed by JQA but enacted by Andrew Jackson was designed to protect industry in the...