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  1. Klaudly

    Research 4th (Russell) Alabama Cavalry regiment organization

    I have a doubt about the formation of the 4th Alabama cavalry regiment of Colonel Russell. I have searched dozens of books and sites, the result is always this: "Russell's Fourth Alabama cavalry was organized at Murfreesboro, Tenn., in December, 1862, by the union of General Forrest's original...
  2. O

    The CSS Tallahassee and the CSS Alabama off Long Island

    Skin divers recently found the wreck of the Sailing ship Adriatic 30 miles off Montauk Point Long Island. It was sunk by the CSS Tallahassee in August 1864. The Confederate Blockade Runner sank 6 ships off Long Island over a couple of days. They captured a pilot boat and the pilot and the...
  3. rebel brit

    Munford Cemetery, Covington.TN

    Seeing @gentlemanrob posts reminded me of visiting Munford cemetery in Covington on our way from Memphis to Ft Pillow TN. I wish now I had taken the time to photograph more of the graves individually, perhaps the next time we're in the area.
  4. BronxYankee

    CSS Atlanta

    Was working on Dobbins Air Reserve Base and saw this outside of a Naval Unit:
  5. Will Carry

    Sgt. William Martin. Company H, 26th Alabama Infantry

    My grandfather's grandfather. My aunt Lillie just passed away at 98. She was the last of the great Mason siblings. While searching for her obituary I found my Great grandfather's father. Amazing!
  6. Dixieroy

    The “Alabama” Platter

    The Limoges Platter aka The Alabama Platter The platter, in perfect codition, bear the green factory back mark CFH/GDM from the 1880`s. A painted inscription on the back identifies the subject:"Sinking of father`s ship. The Alabama. June 1864." An artists signature follows: "A.S.Bryan1897."...
  7. Dixieroy

    CSS Alabama, Singapore, December 1863

    This painting is in a museum in Singapore, depicting the Alabama at Christmas 1863 when she visited there.
  8. ucvrelics

    Monuments Alabama Supreme Court Rules For 2nd Time On Birmingham CS Monument

    The justices voted 9 to 0 Not to rehear the case from the City of Birmingham. The monument in Linn Park has to be uncovered.
  9. T

    Hello from South Alabama

    I am a retired attorney, living in Mobile, Alabama. I have always been interested in history, particularly the Civil War. My interest in the War probably came about because I was born in Alabama and raised in Illinois, and my family often visited battlefields during our trips “down home.” My...
  10. lelliott19

    My Great Great Grandparents' House Burned by Union Army NW Alabama

    For those who have heard this before, bear with me. I'm going to tell the story here again because I just found a newspaper article that confirms the approximate date that my great great grandparents' house was burned by Union forces in NW Alabama. When we were kids, my sister and I sat in the...
  11. John Hartwell

    "A House in Alabama" -- 1874

    [New Orleans Times, Dec. 5, 1874]
  12. Stiles/Akin

    The Confederate Saltpeter Works at Fort Payne [Manitou] Cave, DeKalb County, Alabama, . and Its Personnel I wanted to share this here because it listed men who served in the Salt Peter Nitre works so of whom served in Georgia and Alabama as part of a unit.
  13. ucvrelics

    Collection Gettysburg Excavated Alabama Volunteer Corp AVC Belt Plate

    Trying to get a bunch of stuff ready for the Franklin CW show in a few weeks and here is one of the rare pieces I will be taking. This AVC plate was dug in 1996 at the Lohr farm which was used as a CS hospital for the CS Army. The AVC was raised in March 1861 as part of the call for 10,000...
  14. M

    Discussion Weapons of the Alabama cavalry.

    I am looking for any quartermaster reports or accounts from Alabama cavalrymen(preferably 63-64) (preferably 1st Alabama cavalry, or BG John Tyler Morgan’s Brigade) on what weapons they were carrying specifically rifles. Thank you.
  15. M

    Discussion 12th Alabama Cavalry regiment.

    I’m looking for information on the 12th Alabama cavalry; quartermaster records, rosters, maybe some pictures. Thank you.
  16. OldReliable1862

    What was the Best Alabama Brigade in the ANV?

    The Army of Northern Virginia had three Alabama brigades: the Law-Perry brigade, the Wilcox-Perrin-Sanders brigade, and the Rodes-Battle brigade. Law's brigade won fame at the Devil's Den and numerous other battles, while Wilcox's helped recapture the Bloody Angle. My previous thread on the...
  17. Joshism

    Industrial Development and Manufacturing in the Antebellum Gulf South: A Reevaluation

    Review of Industrial Development and Manufacturing in the Antebellum Gulf South: A Reevaluation by Michael Frawley (LSU Press, 2019): Per the review, the author's thesis (which looks at Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama -...
  18. 4th Alabama

    4th Alabama Infantry

    The newly formed 4th Alabama Infantry Regiment was making their way from Dalton, Ga. to Lynchburg Va. to be inducted into the Confederate Army of Virginia. By Kim Christensen May 2, 1861. Thursday- Election Day. [Dalton Ga.] Captain Lindsay and the "Larkinsville Guards" from Jackson County...
  19. Belle Montgomery

    What Southern dynasties’ post-Civil War resurgence tell us about how wealth is really handed down

    Emancipation should have laid waste to the Southern aristocracy. The economy was built on the forced labor of enslaved Africans, and almost half the Confederacy’s wealth was invested in owning humans. Once people could no longer be treated as chattel, that wealth evaporated. But less than two...
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