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  1. Joshism

    Phantom USCT Sightings? (Counterpart to Black Confederate Soldier Sightings)

    We've talked at length about Union and Confederate claims of Black Confederate soldiers, such as newspaper articles and mentions in the OR. What about claims of black Union troops prior to the creation of the USCT and not in areas where real black state regiments like the 54th Massachusetts...
  2. Pat Young

    General Gillmore Appeals for Colored Troops to Receive Same Pay as Whites Dec. 1863

    General Gillmore On The Pay Of Colored Troops Evening Post Monday, May 02, 1864 New York, NY Vol: 63 Page: 2
  3. O' Be Joyful

    How Sears Helped Oppose Jim Crow

    A page from a 1908 Sears catalog. Black families could buy whatever they wanted from Sears without asking permission. From the J. P. Roth Collection. By Louis Hyman Mr. Hyman is an economic historian. Every year I give a lecture on the history of retail in which Sears, central to American...
  4. JPK Huson 1863

    Randolph Johnson, Gettysburg's African American Civilian Soldier " Piles Hot Lead "

    Edwin's Forbe's depiction of the long pursuit from Gettysburg. Who knew a small part in the departure of Lee's army from Northern soil would be played by a black civilian? We have a statue to civilian combatant John Burns, his civilian combatant brother in law Andrew Hagerman lost his life...
  5. Pat Young

    September 4 1869: First Black Delegates Seated at a National Labor Union Convention

    Prior to the Civil War, black workers were excluded from nearly every "white" labor union in the United States. During Reconstruction, the leaders of the newly formed National Labor Union (NLU), a confederation of many local labor unions, opened its doors to women and African Americans. At its...
  6. Pat Young

    Aug. 1868 Opposition to Black Legislators Based on the "Superiority & Supremacy" of the Anglo Saxon

    This Democratic paper from New Orleans contains an interesting report of the debate in the Georgia legislature over the right of African Americans elected to serve to be seated as legislators. It is a useful recap of the White conservative Democratic position on Blacks as elected officials. The...
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    Gettysburg's Forgotten Angel, Our Unwitting Peace Monger, Lydia Smith

    Not Lydia, this wagon at Evergreen's gatehouse could have been hers. . It was probably bringing yet another dead man to the cemetery. Opinion only. We know citizens did this- went out in their own wagons to bring in wounded. And the fallen. And carried aid, too. Act of kindness? Not a tough...
  8. Pat Young

    Black Republicans Criticize Republican Platform for Not Including Enfranchisement of Northern Blacks

    This article appeared in the pro-Democratic paper the New York Herald concerning criticism by Black Northern Republicans of the Republican National Convention's failure to adopt a platform including universal male suffrage: Political Intelligence. Chief Justice Chase and the Presidency New York...
  9. Pat Young

    Juneteenth Celebration in Brownwood Texas-Remembering Reconstruction

    Here is an interesting article on the 1914 Juneteenth (Emancipation Day) celebration in Brownwood, Texas.
  10. Pat Young

    United States Colored Troops (USCT) and Other African American Units in the Union Army Index of Reg.

    Currier and Ives illustration of the 54th Mass. at Fort Wagner Now that we have a fair number of Regimental Histories of USCT and other Black regiments, I thought that it would be a good idea to create a thread listing all those we cover, along with links to the appropriate threads to help...
  11. Pat Young

    April 1865 Celebrating the End of the War in Charleston, South Carolina

    On April 14, 1865, exactly four years after he surrendered Fort Sumter, Robert Anderson raised the U.S. flag over the fort. Lincoln believed that, as the Civil War had begun in Charleston, it should also conclude there. Historian Douglas Egerton describes the great celebration in Charleston...

    African Americans in the Civil War Navy

    WGBHForum Published on Aug 21, 2012 More than 20,000 African Americans served in the Union Navy during the Civil War. Boston National Historical Park ranger Bill Casey shares the inspiring true stories of two of these men at Old South Meeting House: Medal of Honor recipient John Lawson, and...
  13. Pat Young

    Educational Reconstruction: African American Schools in the Urban South, 1865–1890 by Hilary Green

    Educational Reconstruction African American Schools in the Urban South, 1865–1890 by Hilary Green published by Fordham University Press (2016) 272 pages, Paperback $35.00, Kindle $22.99. From the title of this book, Educational Reconstruction African American Schools in the Urban South...
  14. Pat Young

    Sick from Freedom: African-American Illness and Suffering during the Civil War and Reconstruction

    Sick from Freedom: African-American Illness and Suffering during the Civil War and Reconstruction by Jim Downs published by Oxford University Press (2012) Hardcover $33.95, Paper $23.95, Kindle $9.99. The Civil War unleashed a massive flow of black escaping from enslavement on plantations to...
  15. Pat Young

    Dec. 1865 First Black Institution of Higher Ed in the Former Confederacy Founded Reconstruction150

    From the North Carolina Encyclopedia: Shaw University, founded in Raleigh in 1865, was the first African American institution of higher learning in the South and one of the first in the nation. The university had its beginnings in December 1865, when Henry Martin Tupper, a white educator from...
  16. D

    The Cooking Gene: A Journey Through African American Culinary History in the Old South

    Culinary historian Michael Twitty has made a name for himself touring the country to lecture about southern food traditions. His new book, ‘The Cooking Gene,’ is out today. The book explores the history of cuisine in the American south, by focusing on the people who laid the foundation for it --...
  17. Joshism

    Were the USCT Used As Cannon Fodder?

    In other thread an accusation was made that black soldiers were used as cannon fodder. When asked for examples, the following were given: We can also add to that the obvious example of Battery Wagner which was also mentioned by myself. In searching for past references to cannon fodder I came...
  18. ForeverFree

    Golden Thread Missouri: Civil War in a Union Slave State

    Missouri was a Union Slave State. According to the US Census, the state had a population of 1,182,012; 114,931 persons in the state were enslaved. Enslaved people were roughly 10% of the population, and 13% of all Missouri families own slaves. The people of Missouri were no fans of Abraham...
  19. skb8721

    Story about Union Gunboat being Blessed by Slaves

    I found this 1867 article from a Vermont newspaper; it mentions a subject of particular interest to me, Bayou Teche in Louisiana.
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