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  1. lelliott19

    Fort Monroe, Old Point Comfort Lighthouse, and Fort Wool (Hampton, Virginia)

    Fort Monroe was named in honor of President James Monroe, and became the largest stone fort in the United States. Surrounded by a moat, the six-sided bastion is also the largest fort, by area, ever built in the United States. Construction began in 1819 and was complete in 1834. The stone walls...
  2. luinrina

    In President Lincoln's Kitchen

    Cook in White House Kitchen Library of Congress I just stumbled across this little, amusing incident :giggle:: When the Twelfth New York Militia left New York for Washington, April 21, 1861, I was one of the Engineer Company. Colonel (afterward General) Butterfield commanding was then very...
  3. wbull1

    My New Book

    I am happy to announce the publication of my new book Abraham Lincoln: Seldom Told Stories. Available at: GoRead: https://www.goread.com/book/abraham-lincoln-seldom-told-stories Amazon: http://a.co/d/jdSBKdM Described by Richard W. Etulain, Ph.D. “All readers – especially fans of our...
  4. LoyaltyOfDogs

    crowd.loc.gov, The Library of Congress's Crowdsourced Transcription Initiative

    The Library of Congress has announced a crowdsourcing initiative to transcribe a treasure trove of historical documents, including many from the Civil War era. At its web page https://crowd.loc.gov/, the LOC is recruiting volunteers from the public who will read and transcribe scanned images of...
  5. JPK Huson 1863

    A British Journalist Draws Lincoln, George Sala's Blue Parlor Interview

    During Lincoln's presidency our Executive Mansion really was ' ours '- owned by the citizens of the United States, it- and the residents were amazingly accessible. Image is slightly post war but is a terrific illustration of the latitude allowed. A household name in Victorian England...
  6. SWMODave

    ..... he had never seen Abraham Lincoln in anger.

    (Admiral David Porter on President Lincoln on board the USS Malvern after visiting Richmond in the fall April 1865 - from Incidents and Anecdotes) A man appeared at the landing, dressed in gray homespun, of a somewhat decayed appearance, and with a staff about six feet long in his hand. It was...
  7. SWMODave

    Thank God that I have lived to see this!

    by Thomas Nast While this story has been posted in the past, I was unable to find this amazing eyewitness account by Admiral David Porter on the forum. Edited heavily for brevity. April 4, 1865 At daylight it was discovered that all the forts had been set on fire and evacuated, and nothing...
  8. Joshism

    Did Lincoln See Grant As A Political Threat?

    Herein is a thread for the quoted poster or others to present evidence for any of the following points: 1. Lincoln saw Grant as a political threat. 2. Lincoln put Grant in charge of the entire Union Army for political reasons, rather than because he thought it would be a good way to win the...
  9. B

    Lincoln is Killed by Drowning Before He Could Rise to Power

    One of the most interesting and overlooked details of Abraham Lincoln (that most CWT members don't know or talked before) is that early in his childhood there were was an event in which he could have been killed thus preventing him from growing up and become a politician (besides his 1842 duel...
  10. Buckeye Bill

    Abraham Lincoln : Laid to Rest (May 4th, 1865)

    The body of the President Abraham Lincoln rested in this vault from May 4th to December 21st, 1865. It was then moved to another temporary vault that no longer exists today. His body was kept there until another vault was completed in 1874, only to be moved yet again in 1876. Why so many moves...
  11. Buckeye Bill

    The Burnet House : Cincinnati, Ohio

    THE BURNET HOUSE : When it opened May 30th, 1850, the 340-room hotel located on this site was considered one of the finest hotels in the world. Abraham Lincoln stayed here on September 17-18, 1859, while campaigning for the Ohio Republican Party. Lincoln also stayed at this hotel on February...
  12. JPK Huson 1863

    Mrs. Lincoln's Best Attended Seance; April !863, The Alabama Sails Across The Crimson Sal

    OH the Seat of Power! Looking over our nation's capitol, citizens liked to imagine all these marble and granite tributes to power were represented by men of solid thought and wise counsel. Word had spread of Mrs. President's inclination towards the faddish Spiritualism, popular in a day when so...
  13. Buckeye Bill

    Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

    Abraham Lincoln was born on this day in 1809 near Hodgenville, Kentucky on the Sinking Spring Farm. Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States and he is regarded as one of America's greatest heroes due to his role as savior of the Union and emancipator of the slaves. His rise from...
  14. huskerblitz

    Lincoln's State of the Union Addresses

    Called then the Annual Address, here are Lincoln's speeches before Congress. First Annual Address Second Annual Address Third Annual Address Fourth Annual Address
  15. K

    Hi. Have song to post you might appreciate

    hello cwt members. While I have great respect and admiration for our American history I can’t pretend to be on the level of the membership here. I just wanted to drop in and share a song that I thought this forum might enjoy. The writer is a buddy of mine and I’m pretty proud to have played bass...
  16. chellers

    They Knew Lincoln

    Reprint; originally published 1942 John E. Washington and Kate Masur Oxford University Press; 1 edition (February 7, 2018) Originally published in 1942 and now reprinted for the first time, They Knew Lincoln is a classic in African American history and Lincoln studies. Part memoir and part...
  17. shootseven

    Misidentified Historical Photos (including alleged photo of Lincoln

    and an alleged photo of Civil War spy Kate Warne, along with non Civil War figures such as an alleged photo of Billy the Kid playing croquet: http://all-that-is-interesting.com/historical-photos-misidentified 5 Historical Photos That Don’t Actually Depict The Famous People They Claim
  18. James N.

    The Bugle Which Sounded Taps for Lincoln...

    Here's a link to an interesting story about Lincoln's bodyguard and this bugle and its owner from Heritage Auctions: https://historical.ha.com/itm/political/memorial-1800-present-/the-bugle-which-sounded-taps-for-lincoln/a/6180-43070.s?ctrack=1192223&type=featured-3-hist--open-6180--tem111417...
  19. Southern Unionist

    Golden Thread Lincoln's Funeral Train Reproduction

    In August of 2015, a special exhibit visited North Carolina as a part of a regional tour. It consisted of a high quality, high accuracy reproduction of the railroad car that carried Abraham Lincoln's body from Washington to Illinois for burial, and a fully functional reproduction of one of the...
  20. Buckeye Bill

    Mount Rushmore National Memorial

    The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located in South Dakota’s Black Hills National Forest. This memorial is the site of four gigantic carved sculptures depicting the faces of U.S. Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Led by the sculptor...
  21. Buckeye Bill

    Lincoln Home National Historic Site

    The Lincoln Home National Historic Site preserves the Springfield, Illinois home and a historic district where Abraham Lincoln lived from 1844 to 1861, before becoming the 16th President of the United States. The presidential memorial includes the four blocks surrounding the home and a visitor...
  22. Buckeye Bill

    Abraham Lincoln's Tomb

    The Abraham Lincoln Tomb is the final resting place of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, and three of their four sons. It is located in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois. At the close of the ceremonies and events marking Lincoln's...
  23. Buckeye Bill

    Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

    The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum is located in Springfield, Illinois. This state-of-the-art facility was carefully designed with exacting historical detail. Amazingly well-preserved artifacts tell the entire life story of our nation's 16th President. Dedicated to the life and legacy of...
  24. huskerblitz

    Lincoln Conspiracy, the Evidence For

    So I've read a number of books on the assassination and the conspirators. But a lot of what I read debunks any potential conspiracy involving others, but they never seem to mention exactly what the evidence is/was that others were involved or why others were suspected. In this thread, what I...
  25. huskerblitz

    Photo of Lincoln and Douglas Together?

    VICTORVILLE — The sixth-plate daguerreotype, presumably from the 19th Century, seemed inconsequential at first. At center, a white building overwhelmed the setting. Two people peered out a second-story window. A rigid-looking group stood near the front entrance partially concealed by 150-plus...
  26. huskerblitz

    Author of Bixby Letter Solved?

    From Time Magazine A team of linguists say they have conclusively identified the author of the famed Bixby letter as John Hay and not Abraham Lincoln. "But it's also one of the most "controversial" documents in Lincoln's large body of writings. Though the letter has other complications to its...
  27. LincolnAbraham

    Mary Todd Lincoln's Behavior Was Not What It Seemed

    Here is an excellent article by independent Lincoln researcher Kerry Ellard about Mary Todd Lincoln's fight for pension during the last two years of her life. It's quite shocking at times how the wife of Abraham Lincoln was treated by the media. The article includes and draws on many newspaper...
  28. LincolnAbraham

    Lincoln In the Illinois Legislature

    Seems that Abraham Lincoln's accomplishments in the Illinois legislature are often overshadowed by his accomplishments as president. It's only natural, but I think his work in Illinois is definitely praiseworthy. He was able to improve infrastructure and was instrumental in having the capital...
  29. James N.

    Mary Todd Lincoln House, Lexington, Kentucky

    According to the brochure, "The house was completed in 1806 and was occupied by the Todd family from 1832 until 1849. After marrying Abraham Lincoln in 1842, Mary brought her family to visit her childhood home in 1847 while on their way to Washington, where her husband spent hours in Mr. Todd's...
  30. LincolnAbraham

    Lincoln Assassination

    I've been doing some research on the events of Lincoln's assassination and came across this first-hand account of Dr. Charles A. Leale, an army surgeon who had been in attendance on April 14, 1865 when Lincoln was shot. He was the first doctor to tend to the president after he had been shot and...
  31. LincolnAbraham

    Abraham Lincoln and Civil War Guest Bloggers and Contributors

    Hi Everyone! We're looking for guest bloggers, writers and any other Abe Lincoln enthusiasts who would be interested in contributing to the LincolnAbraham.com blog. If you'd like to contribute some well-written, well-researched, original articles on Abraham Lincoln and/or Civil-War-related...
  32. LincolnAbraham

    Audio Recording of Eyewitness of Gettysburg Address

    Here is a link to an audio recording, made in 1938, of William R. Rathvon, who was present in 1863 when Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address (he also recites the Gettysburg Address).
  33. LincolnAbraham

    Abraham Lincoln Bookstore

    Hello, If you're an Abraham Lincoln fan, check out the Amazon Abraham Lincoln bookstore here: http://lincolnabraham.com/abraham-lincoln-book-store/. Happy reading!
  34. LincolnAbraham

    Abraham Lincoln and His Father

    Others here have written about the subject of Abraham Lincoln's relationship with his father. This is a topic that fascinates me and I would like to spend more time digging into some primary sources for some additional clues. While doing some research for an article on my own blog, I came...
  35. bdietzler73

    Happy Birthday Tad Lincoln

    Thomas "Tad" Lincoln was born on this day in 1853. He lived until he was 18 years old. Happy Birthday Tad! Please post any interesting facts about Tad you may know. Thank you!
  36. JohnW.

    Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation Statue at Stevens Hall

    March 2, 2017 Stevens Hall at Gettysburg College, as it appeared in the 1880s. The college observatory (no longer standing), can be seen in the left of this photograph.This image was taken facing southwest by William Tipton circa 1880s. We’re standing on the sidewalk along the Carlisle Road...
  37. bdietzler73

    Lincoln's Birthday Party 2017 Style

    My family and I are huge Lincoln fans so, to try to match my Lincoln themed 40th birthday party a few years ago, my mother in law decided to have a Lincoln themed Lincoln birthday party. You could sit at either the North or the South table (complete with flags) and she came up with the menu...
  38. bdietzler73

    Happy Birthday President Lincoln!

    It's President Abraham Lincoln's birthday tomorrow. He was born on February 12, 1809 in a log cabin in Kentucky. His story is well known and is one that should not be forgotten. I will be posting to this thread often over the next couple of days. Here is an intersting article from the...
  39. bdietzler73

    The Daily Life of Lincoln on the Web

    I have been using this website for a while now and thought it would be interesting to share with everyone. On this site, you can enter in a date and see what Lincoln's day was on that date. You can even enter your birth date and see what he was doing on that day. I am a big Lincoln fan and...
  40. bdietzler73

    Interesting Lincoln Facts

    Here starts the beginning of a thread featuring interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln from the Abraham Lincoln forum. If you have a fact about Lincoln that you find interesting please share it on this thread. Let's see how many facts we can get about America's 16th President!

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