2nd georgia infantry

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  1. lelliott19

    Horror Had a Great Feast: Benning's Brigade at Gettysburg

    "The enemy showed examples of bravery in that battle that they never exhibited to such an extent in any fight before. We saw lines formed under our terrible fire and moved up to our lines in the most daring manner, and it is said that some of our troops met them actually with the bayonet and...
  2. AUG

    Pvt. Jesse B. Cole, 2nd Georgia Infantry

    Ran across this photo in the Virginia Historical Society's digital collection. Description: Sixth-plate ambrotype on ruby glass with applied color of a 3/4 portrait of Private Jesse B. Cole in uniform. The front and back case sections are detached. Pvt. Jesse B. Cole (d. 1864) of Co. B, 2nd...
  3. lelliott19

    Iconic Rebel Sharpshooter Possibly Identified?

    In the latest post on the Blog of the Gettysburg National Military Park (Feb 1, 2018) entitled Another Look at the Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter, John Heiser, Historian at GNMP, says that it is possible that researcher Scott Fink may have identified the Rebel Sharpshooter as John Rutherford Ash...
  4. lelliott19

    Act of Kindness - 9th New York & 2nd Georgia at Antietam

    Artwork by Keith Rocco - Always Ready—The 9th New York Hawkin's Zouaves at Antietam http://www.militaryartcompany.com/keith_rocco_military_print_directory.htm Marked kindness shown by members of the 9th New York Infantry (Hawkins' Zouaves) to a wounded member of the 2nd Georgia Infantry, near...
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