21st mississippi

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  1. Mississippi Jim

    "New Albany Grays" 21st Mississippi Infantry, Company K

    Charles Rudolph Martin (Left) and Alfred B. Jarvis (right) stand in front of their Company flag “New Albany Grays”. The 21st Mississippi Infantry, Company K. Martin and Jarvis were the last two survivors of Company K. Martin was 16 years old and Jarvis was 17 when they pledged their support to...
  2. Championhilz

    Gettysburg Casualties of the 21st Mississippi Infantry

    In October 1886, The Clarion-Ledger published a letter written by Colonel W.D. Holder, former commander of the 17th Mississippi Infantry, to John S. McNeilly. who had served William Dunbar Holder was colonel of the 17th Mississippi Infantry until a wound at Gettysburg ended his military...
  3. lelliott19

    Barksdale's Brigade at Gettysburg

    Dear Sir: At the Battle of Gettysburg, July 2, 5:30 p.m., Barksdale's Brigade charged through the Trostle House yard, on the right of the First Brigade, First Division, Fifth Corps. The flag of the leading regiment was borne so bravely by the color bearer through the gate of the yard, and I saw...
  4. SWMODave

    ..... and the family became extinct.

    There were a number of Yale men in the Twenty-first Mississippi, among others two brothers, Jud. and Carey Smith. We used to call Jud. " Indian Smith " at Yale. I think it was at Savage Station, when the Seventeenth and Twenty-first Mississippi were put into the woods at night-fall and directed...
  5. CSA Today

    Flag of the 21st Mississippi

    At the Old CourtHouse in Vicksburg. Flag of the 21st Mississippi.
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