19th century

  1. Eleanor Rose

    Period Old-Fashioned Brown Sugar Fudge

    (Pinterest) If you swoon over the icing on a caramel cake, this is the fudge for you. Our Victorian friends enjoyed their sweet treats and this one is definitely a winner. Old-Fashioned Brown Sugar Fudge Ingredients: 1½ cups granulated sugar 1 cup light brown sugar, firmly packed ⅓ cup heavy...
  2. Eleanor Rose

    Caramel Apple Slices

    As a child, I always enjoyed caramel apples much like our Victorian friends did in the late 19th century. But even as a child, I thought they were messy. An an adult I still love the taste, but dislike the messiness even more. Caramel apple slices are the perfect solution. They're easy to...
  3. Eleanor Rose

    History Carolina Caramels

    (Photograph by ISTOCK/ULYASHKA) In the early 1880s, some ingenious candy maker added fat and milk while boiling sugar and water and created what became known as caramel. Caramels were also made with sugar beet juice during this time because refined sugar was expensive and hard to come by...
  4. Eleanor Rose

    The Legend of Hawes House

    Hawes House was rumored to have been haunted by the "Grey Lady." (Photo courtesy Mary Wingfield Scott/Scott Collection/The Valentine) Nobody who ever resided at the Hawes House knew where the Grey Lady came from, but they did know that on occasion she would drift through the gardens or appear...
  5. Eleanor Rose

    Authentic Oatmeal Gruel for Invalids

    (Life and Health) October 29 is Oatmeal Day. Americans didn't start growing oats in quantity until the 19th century. Quaker Oats was registered as a cereal trademark in 1877. By 1885 oats were being sold in boxes, not just in bulk. The original oatmeal was made with "groats," the hulled and...
  6. Eleanor Rose

    Recreated Saskatoon Berry Muffins

    (Edible Wild Food) Saskatoon berries grow in the wild and taste great right off the bush. Historically they were used in pemmican and as a medicine for a variety of illnesses. They were also commonly used in pies, tarts, muffins, bread, jams and compote. (Saskatoon Berry Institute)...
  7. Eleanor Rose

    Authentic California Pop Beer

    Rare stoneware bottle from Bidderford ME. It is embossed B.F; HALEY CALIFORNIA POP BEER. (Photo courtesy of WorthPoint) California Pop Beer was originally made more than 150 years ago in a brewery in Newark, New Jersey. Archaeologists believe it was served in the Atlantic Tavern, a German...
  8. Eleanor Rose

    Victorian Era Board Games

    The Chess Players by Joseph Clark (England, 1860) Just like our Victorian friends, I love playing board games. My favorite is backgammon and I'm actually pretty good at it. It's been a chilly and rainy day in North Carolina so I've enjoyed reading about the board games our Victorians most...
  9. Eleanor Rose

    I Simply Don't Have A Thing To Wear!

    Alva Vanderbilt as a Venetian princess in 1883 (Messy Nessy Chic) In March of 1883, Alva Vanderbilt hosted one of the most lavish costume parties of the Gilded Age. New York Society members on her exclusive guest list dreamed up eccentric garb. Alva came dressed as a Venetian princess and a...
  10. Eleanor Rose

    Victorian Costumes: Halloween Anyone?

    "Sewing" concept costume circa 1880's Our Victorian friends enjoyed costume parties. They would typically alter their everyday clothing, adding props or embellishments, to create a costume. Based on my reading, the most popular costumes appear to have been witches and ghosts. Other costumes...
  11. Eleanor Rose

    Period Hickory Nut Cake

    (My Windowsill) I recently discovered the online Western History/Genealogy Central Library of the Denver Library. This site led me to Harriet Almira Scott Camp’s recipe notebook. Harriet was born April 7, 1835 and married Leroy Newton Camp in 1854. During the Civil War, Leroy enlisted in...
  12. Eleanor Rose

    Recreated Apple Roses

    (Pinterest) Apple trees were the centerpiece of many Victorian kitchen gardens. Before refrigeration techniques were introduced, late ripening apples and pears were the only fresh fruit available during winter and early spring. Victorian cooks spiced, baked and stewed their apples to flavor a...
  13. Eleanor Rose

    Authentic Graham Bread

    Graham bread is named after Reverend Sylvester Graham. He invented the bread in 1829. Graham bread was promoted as ‘health bread’ since Victorian white bread wasn’t made with white flour but with bleached whole wheat flour. Reverend Graham also propagated a vegetarian Graham diet, alcohol...
  14. Eleanor Rose

    Period Menu for A Victorian Halloween Dinner Party

    (Zazzle) Our Victorian friends loved dinner parties and Halloween offered a chance for yet another. The Victorian's popularized many of the images now associated with Halloween such as; black cats, bats, witches, devils, ghosts and jack-o-lanterns. For their Halloween dinner parties, they...
  15. Eleanor Rose

    Victorian Merrymaking Was Risky Business!

    "Snap-Apple Night" by Daniel Maclise, 1833. Despite their reputation for being quite straight-laced, our Victorian friends celebrated Halloween with great enthusiasm—and often with outright abandon. Victorian Halloween parties were filled with fun, games and spooky rituals. Many of these...
  16. Eleanor Rose

    Authentic Halloween Dumb Cake

    An 1891 edition of Ingalls’ Home and Art Magazine provides the following recipe and magical instructions for “Halloween Dumb Cake.” Yes you read that right. This is a recipe for a "dumb" cake. It reads: “Make according to any good recipe for a plain cake; not a word must be spoken after the...
  17. Eleanor Rose

    Recreated Pumpkin Cheesecake

    (Jolts and Jollies) The earliest versions of sweetened pumpkin dishes were actually pumpkin shells that had been cleaned out and filled with ginger-spiced milk, then roasted by the fire. In the 1800’s it became stylish to serve pumpkin pies for the Thanksgiving holiday, a trend that continues...
  18. Eleanor Rose

    History Brandied Fruit Yesterday and Today

    Besides being delicious on its own, our Victorian friends discovered that brandied fruit was a great way to enhance their brandy and to preserve fruits that could otherwise be lost. It was one of their favorite desserts to serve guests at dinner. Folks still enjoy brandied fruit today. Please...
  19. GELongstreet

    Community & Conflict: The Impact of the Civil War in the Ozarks

    This page is the centerpiece of a collaborative digitization effort to document the war in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. It also includes related information about life, politics, origins and effects of the war in the decades before and after it.
  20. Eleanor Rose

    Pass the Salt and Pepper Please!

    Salt Cellar (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY) The practice of providing condiments to accompany a meal dates back long before the 19th century. However, once considered only available to the wealthy, condiments such as salt, pepper, sugar and mustard were no longer expensive...
  21. Eleanor Rose

    Celery Vases Were All the Rage in the 19th Century

    (Pinterest) Poor celery always plays second fiddle or as we sometimes say in the South, “The poor thing is always the bridesmaid, never the bride.” Of course something has to be the garnish in a Bloody Mary and the extraneous filler in the veggie tray. Luckily, we can always count on celery...
  22. Eleanor Rose

    Sexual Assault in the 19th Century or #ThemToo

    "The Irritating Gentleman" by Berthold Woltze, 1874 Our legal definition of sexual assault has slowly evolved over centuries, and clearly, we’re still not done fighting over it. However, in the 19th century, our Victorian friends were wrestling with this question: “Who ‘owns’ a woman’s body?”...
  23. Eleanor Rose

    So Who Buys A Plantation Nowadays?

    Medway Plantation (Pinterest) I’ve often wondered what type of modern day person is attracted to owning and living in a 19th century (or older) plantation house. My recent research on Friendfield Plantation led to some interesting reading on this topic. It appears privately owned historic...
  24. Eleanor Rose

    How to Smell Like Scarlett O'Hara

    Pinterest We know roses have been around for centuries because there has been physical evidence found in Egyptian tombs in the form of wreaths. Cleopatra, a documented lover of roses, was rumored to have filled the floors of entire rooms with rose petals. Stories recount the sails of her barge...
  25. Eleanor Rose

    Would You Have Liked Living During the 19th Century?

    Sometimes it seems that life in the 19th century was a simpler time – a time when folks were more connected to the earth, when folks were taught practical life skills and could rely upon their neighbors to help them out during difficult times. Our Victorian friends were never distracted by...
  26. Eleanor Rose

    Victorian Etiquette or How to Behave in the 19th Century

    I have always been interested in 19th century etiquette. I recently discovered the book entitled, “The Ladies’ Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Handbook for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society” by Florence Hartley. It was written in 1860 and it’s full of little...
  27. GELongstreet

    Old Pictures

    A website about photographs from (roughly) the 1850s to the 1940s. It has several themed collections either depicting the civil war or being related to it. The page also has a search engine that searches and shows both collections and individual pictures.

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