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  1. lelliott19

    Fake News? Forrest Strangles Chalmers at Selma (April or May 1865?)

    This incident allegedly occurred at Selma, AL on or just prior to May 1, 1865 and was reportedly printed in a local Selma, AL newspaper called the Selma Federal Union on May 1, 1865. The story was reprinted in The Nashville Daily Union., May 19, 1865, page 2 above. What did Chalmers do to make...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Ok, NOW You Can Cry, Harper's, 1865

    We have a lot of these because war made widows. There's a column of Union soldiers marching off in the distance, a weeping widow by her husband's grave. War seems to have toned down social strictures on crying as the recourse to pain but we remained a little adamant over it objections across the...
  3. DBF

    A Wedding Calls; as Richmond Falls

    “Now Northern goods are out of date; And since old Abe's blockade, We Southern girls can be content With goods that's Southern made. We send our sweethearts to the war; But, dear girls, never mind-- Your soldier-love will ne'er forget The girl he left behind.” Carrie Bell Sinclair...
  4. RhinehartRoots

    Discussion Interesting letter in a Civil War pension file

    I found this in a Civil War pension file at the National Archives on a recent trip. Jared Benjamin’s file included letters he wrote during and after the war. This one, from 16 April 1865 was written the day after Lincoln died, and a week after the war ended. He was stationed in Mobile, Alabama...
  5. JPK Huson 1863

    Ford's Theater Played Lincoln's Mourning, His Last Act, 154 Years Ago Today April 14th, 1865

    " Octoroon ", the next play's bill is posted elsewhere from Ford's. The joyous displays from D.C.'s Grand Illumination a few days previously are gone, replaced by mourning crepe. April 14th, 1865, 154 years ago today a man ran from the doors of this theater, claimed his horse from the boy he...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    Mr. Smith's Flight, " ..He Floated With Apparent Ease " 1865

    One of quite a few, these are so novel and charming it just never occurs to you they'd be anything except novel and charming. Who knew one could be an eye witness account of an eye witness account? I can't find an image quite matching the article- it's somewhere. From NYPL, an 1807 image...
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    " The Nation Will Have To Mourn... Lincoln ", A Prophetic Lament March 22, 1865

    Saying goodbye. Stripped of joyous, garishly displayed decorations of the Grand Illumination celebration dedicated to war's end a few days before these homes and business in our nation's capitol wore mourning and mourners April 19th, 1865. He'd been gone from us four days. Someone told us this...
  8. JPK Huson 1863

    Saint Valentine's Long Year, 1865, When Cupids Collided Or, The Boys Were Home

    Best war era Valentine's Day card I've seen. War and love do not rub elbows well. This seems more pointed than drippy. We held our breaths through February 14ths 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865. Then the most gigantic Valentine's Day of the generation happened. Hundreds of them. June, 1865, Ohio...
  9. Luke Freet

    Looking for information on Confederate Colonel Julius G. Tucker

    I have read much online about Tucker's Confederate Regiment of Galvanized Yankees, however, I have found little information on the Colonel. If anyone has information or photos, that would be nice. Particularly looking at his assignments: what units was he a part of and when, what actions he...
  10. wbull1

    Report of Mistreatment of Slaves by Union Forces

    I was not aware of this statement before tonight. I hope those more knowledge than I am can help me evaluate its accuracy or lack thereof From the Annual Message of Governor Henry Watkins Allen to the Legislature of the State of Louisiana January, 1865 Page 15 reap the rich reward...
  11. Belle Montgomery

    Stoneman's Great Raid: ; Details of the Great Raid into East Tennessee and Southwestern Virginia

    Love "The Band" song (Baez watered the words) and it's reference. My hubby's maternal family hails from Abingdon and Bristol during the war which makes it personal seeing the ancestors who weren't out fighting for the Confederacy witnessed it: From the New York Times: NASHVILLE, Wednesday, Jan...
  12. chubachus

    Display on building celebrating end of the war in Detroit

    "Buildings along Jefferson Ave. viewed from a height across the street. Banners and bunting on buildings. Color and emphasis added by hand. Scattered people on sidewalk; horse-drawn carriages on road. Businesses include: Duncan Brothers saddlery; James W. Frisbie dry goods; Martin S. Smith...
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