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  1. DaveBrt

    Discussion Dealing With QM Shortage Issues, Late 1864

    From CS Quartermaster General's Outgoing Letterbook Richmond Nov 20th 1864 Capt. Gillaspie Montgomery, Ala. Sir, ***** You will do all you can to increase the yield of your establishment [making shoes and clothing]. Should you experience further trouble in the matter of details...
  2. ratwod

    Discussion Newspapers for January 9--1860, 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864, & 1865

    9 Jan 1860: The New Orleans Gazeteer: The usual reply that comes from the Black Republican press is, that the Northern people do not sympathize with the Abolitionists, who make war upon the South, but with the Republicans whose doctrines are not injurious to Southern rights. To this we answer...
  3. 7

    1864 Model 5 Burnside With Unusual Stock Engraving

    I recently got a 1864 Model 5 Burnside with an unusual engraving in the stock. Anyone have any idea as to what it means?
  4. DaveBrt

    Discussion Summer 1864, CSA Supplies Short

    While occasional shortages of supplies had been noted throughout the life of the Confederate Army, buy the summer of 1864, dealing with shortages had become a major consumer of the QM General's time and effort. The list below is derived from the Outgoing Letters Ledger of the QMG for that time...
  5. JPK Huson 1863

    City Point, August 9th, 1864 " Five Minutes Ago An Ordnance Boat Exploded "

    We're so used to viewing the shambles created by this war that these images might seem a little tame, if not uninteresting. BOY are they neither. City Point, Virginia, August 9th, 1864. An ordinance ship rained death. August 9, 1864. Mrs. R.h. Spencer, Sanitary Commission agent ( which means...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    Aftermath, July 1864, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

    Grainy, indistinct, best I could pull from an LoC stereoview. This is one end of the public square in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. July, 1864. General Couch's worst fears when being stripped of troops were realized. Citizens of Chambersburg paid the price. These images are of what was left. July...
  7. M

    Discussion Hylan B. Lyon and the Kentucky Rampage of 1864.

    Does Brigadier General Hylan B. Lyon get the credit he deserves? Lyon partly leaned his trade under General Forrest and put it to use in his "Western Kentucky Rampage" of 1864. In the end Lyon's raid probably came to late and was not effective enough to be make him famous, and too late to really...
  8. M

    Discussion The 1864 "100 days" Union regiments.

    In April of 1864 the Governors of five Midwestern states offered the United States government 85,000 100 days men to help fill the Union Army manpower shortages. These short-term soldiers were meant to man forts, gars rail lines and such so to free up veteran regiments to be used for the 1864...
  9. Luke Freet

    Confederate Strength in the Opening of the Valley Campaigns of 1864

    This Christmas, I have recieved a plethora of books focusing on the 1864 Valley Campaign. As this is a subject that I love speaking of, I'd love to break down the unit strengths for the early Valley campaign, in order to highlight the situation in the Valley in the spring of 1864. First...
  10. connecticut yankee

    Discussion Lincoln's Final Christmas 1864

    From Smithsonian Magazine December 2017 President Lincoln's final Christmas was a historic moment. The telegram he received from General William Tecumseh Sherman signaled that the end of the Civil War was near. But as Lincoln's personal Christmas story reveals, those conflict-filled years also...
  11. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Bayonet Frogg ANV 1864-65

    What would be the correct bayonet Frogg for my Confederate impression if I was at Petersburg in 1864? I saw this one but wasn't sure if it was the correct one for me. https://www.ccsutlery.com/store/frog-enfield.html
  12. JPK Huson 1863

    Our Ancestor's Less Recognizable Christmas, Who Knew?

    Christmas, 1864. If we walked into our ancestors' Christmas it would look like this. As familiar as the scene seems, a lot has changed over 150 years Feel guilty not posting in the forums I should be working on but a. can't figure out a way to stuff the topic into Ladies Tea and b. Not enough...
  13. Cdoug96

    Muzzleldrs Smoothbore Springfields in Union Regiments in 1864?

    My great-great-great grandfather was in the 9th New York Heavy Artillery regiment in Company B, and while trying to determine what weapon they were using I found an ordinance report dated June 30, 1864 which said they were armed with Smooth-bored Muskets, Springfield model 1842 (.69 caliber)...
  14. Luke Freet

    Unit Strengths at the Battle of New Market, 15 May, 1864

    I picked up William C. Davis' book on the battle at the Library today. Flipped through it and, to my surprise, not only did it have an order of battle, but, better unit, numbers for the units' strengths going into battle. This has been bugging me for a while since I've been working on a project...
  15. Lubliner

    Naval Defense, Charleston Harbor, Sept. 1864.

    I found this report in the Official Records of the Army, Series 1, Volume 35, Part II, page 289. It comes from a confederate deserter, Charles Harris, who swam to Morris Island from the gun-boat Chicora. Pertinent facts follow: :timebomb: CSN Chicora- 60 men and officers on board. T. T. Hunter...
  16. lelliott19

    Re-enlisted "For Forty Years or the War" - Humphreys' Mississippi Brigade February 1864

    [The Daily Sun. (Columbus, Ga.), March 20, 1864, page 2.] The men will follow Longstreet anywhere, some of them facetiously have re-enlisted "for forty years or the war," others "for this war and three years of the next one." By March of 1864, three years had passed since many Confederate...
  17. gunny

    Who was most culpable for the Confederate failure at Spring Hill on November 29, 1864?

    First, I would like to note that ultimately we realize the failure is - in the end - the army commander's responsibility. But, with that being said, there were a number - in fact - nearly all the Confederate commanders on the field that evening contributed the the failure of the Army of...
  18. Luke Freet

    Looking for Books on the 1864 Valley Campaigns

    I have done some cursory reading on these campaigns, however I never read a full book on them. I have read Jeffry Wert's book on Sheridan's Campaign (From Winchester to Cedar Creek) but this only deals with the latter battles of the campaigns. If there are any good books covering all the...
  19. T

    French ships at City Point, 1864?

    I saw this while looking in the OR for something else. Does anyone know what was up with these French ships? PETERSBURG, April 24, 1864. General S. COOPER, Adjutant and Inspector General: The two French men-of-war and two merchantmen at City Point have been ordered out of the river by...
  20. John Wolf Smith

    Who could or should have been promoted or removed from command for the Union or the Confederate?

    You can use any general in the Union or Confederate. No Generals, who died or left command in 1861. If you want you can put in the order of battle.
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