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  1. J

    Flagpole 1863

    Glad to be part of group. Been collecting GAR for 45 years, Gettysburg, Lincoln. Need to continue to share our country’s history with our youth. They are our future.
  2. DixieRifles

    Nashville Battle of Brentwood, March 25, 1863

    Brentwood is an expensive sub-division of Nashville. I did not know about any battle there even though this area was occupied and changed hands many times during the war. I would like to know more. Since the Wikipedia article is short, I just copied it. Would like to know more about it and...
  3. JPK Huson 1863

    August 21st, 1863, Mayor Huson Comes Home To Lawrence

    August 21st, 1863. Lawrence, Kansas. Harper's ( in public access ) depiction of the raid, please no one go up in smoke about how the artist wasn't there. 164 civilians died, must be a little accurate. Mayor S.K. Huson wasn't one of them. He was in Jim Lane's cornfield. No idea where else to put...
  4. Tom Elmore

    Muster Roll of Company H, 33rd Virginia Infantry on 30 June 1863 and Participant Accounts

    The Virginia Historical Society in Richmond has the 30 June 1863 muster roll of Company H, the “Page Grays,” from Page County, Virginia, 33rd Infantry. The regiment was part of Brig. Gen. James Walker’s brigade, which fought on Culp’s Hill over a seven hour period on July 3, from about 4 to 11...
  5. Yankee Brooke

    Period 1863 American Civil War Hardtack Review and Taste Test.

    Yes you read the title right. This YouTube channel, Steve1989MREInfo is actually one I enjoy. He tastes and reviews military rations from around the globe and every time period he can find. I think this is his oldest reviewed, but he's done early 1900's through to current surplus rations. I'm...
  6. Claude Bauer

    Discussion Union "Soldier's Daily Prayer" 1863

    A somewhat irreverent "Soldier's Daily Prayer" then making the rounds of the camps in Stafford County. --North Branch Democrat, March 18, 1863, Tunkhannock, PA https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10205918815237573&set=a.10200924383219894
  7. Tom Elmore

    Records of Company D, 4th Virginia Infantry as of 30 June 1863

    The Virginia Historical Society in Richmond has the strength report and muster roll of Company D, 4th Virginia Infantry, both dated 30 June 1863. Company D, the “Smyth Blues,” was the first of several units organized at Marion, Smyth County, located in the southwestern part of the state. The...
  8. rebracer

    The Union Assaults at Vicksburg: Grant Attacks Pemberton, May 17–22, 1863

    Has anyone purchased this new book by Timothy B. Smith yet? It was just released in January I believe.
  9. JPK Huson 1863

    Move Over Seabiscuit, There's A New Mule In Town; Camp Races 1863

    You know how you bump into something so interesting you just have to go check it out? From LoC, entitled " Mule Race ". Talk about ' artwork of the war '. HAD to dig up more. Ok, so Seabiscuit wasn't a mule but didn't he once fall asleep at the starting gate and won the race anyway? Sounds like...
  10. JPK Huson 1863

    Women Of Gettysburg Tell Us, A Battlefield Chorus, 1863

    Carrie Shead's seminary for young ladies, here in an 1849 image from The Gettysburg Compiler. History has isolated Carrie, confined to one room and one sword, her voice is rarely heard. Evergreen Cemetery's iconic gatehouse in the storm, July 1863. That was also someone's home. Elizabeth...
  11. N

    Hymn sung at the Wheatfield on the night of July 2 1863.

    Does anyone know which hymn was sung and name of the soldier. I can not recall his unit or where I read of the incident?
  12. Dixieroy

    CSS Alabama, Singapore, December 1863

    This painting is in a museum in Singapore, depicting the Alabama at Christmas 1863 when she visited there.
  13. ShortSeb

    Rate my impression - Infantry, late 1863 - 1865

    Hi, folks! I would love to hear what the professionals here say about my impression for an infantry man in the 2nd S. C. Rifles, late 1863 - 1865. Before that I had a very basic gear for our second unit in our club, the Brook's Light Artillery. But this now is my first complete impression for...
  14. huskerblitz

    The Union Assaults at Vicksburg: Grant Attacks Pemberton, May 17–22, 1863

    I'm looking forward to this, I should have it when I get home Monday. Suppose to be a more definitive account of the two assaults Grant ordered. More precisely, I'm looking forward to good information on the regiment I research and their role at the Square Fort...
  15. T

    Muzzleldrs Question for the Model 1861 & 1863 Springfield experts

    I believe I have read that the trigger guard assembly for these is the same as used on the Model 1873 Trapdoor rifles. Can anyone confirm ? Thanks
  16. JPK Huson 1863

    Period How To Become A Vegetarian, An 1863 Guide

    From yet another old book illustration, this kitchen predates the Civil War by more than a century. It wouldn't have looked unfamiliar 150 years ago- now? Ouch, much less what came from it. Disclaimer would be EVERY time I post recipes that make me wince, someone who loves this stuff gets...
  17. M

    Is Mac better than Halleck in 1863?

    Sometime after Fredericksburg, Lincoln asked Halleck to go to the field and make recommendations as to a course of action. I believe Lincoln's frustration was something to the tune of if you can't do this for me, then what good are you to me? Although I believe this was eventually retracted...
  18. J. D. Stevens

    November 1863 Battle of Bayou Bourbeux Louisiana

    A friend of mine who works for the National Park Service in South Louisiana sent me the pictures of the historical marker for the November 3, 1863, the Battle of Bayou Bourbeux. This was part of the Texas Overland Campaign led by the always inept Major General William B. Franklin. There were...
  19. Andy Cardinal

    Say What? Saturday: Slocum Reacts to Hooker's Orders at Chancellorsville, May 1, 1863

    When Joseph Hooker was named commander of the Army of the Potomac in January, 1863, the officer corps was skeptical. Hooker was known to be self-promoter who had been intriguing for the top spot. But he surprised his subordinates by improving supply and restoring morale. Hooker surprised his...
  20. John Wolf Smith

    (Build Order of battle 1862 and 1863) What if Lee stayed in the Union and leads the Army of the Potomac.

    Can use generals not dead in 1861 for 1862 order of battle and same with the 1863 order of battle. 3 Confederate Generals and Lee can be in the Union Army of the Potomac (No Longstreet, Jackson, JEB or Forrest) Can get 5 dead generals back to life.
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