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  1. John Wolf Smith

    Does anyone have information/order of battle on Union Armies in early 1862?

    What I need information on in the Trans Mississippi Theater. -Army of the Southwest -Department of Missouri -Department of Southwest Missouri -Fremont's Army of the West -Forces in California -Forces under John W. Davidson in St Louis -Forces under Steele in Missouri -Department of New Mexico
  2. John Wolf Smith

    Does anyone have information/order of battle on Union Armies in early 1862?

    What I need information on in the West and Southern Theaters, -Army of the Tennessee -Army of Ohio -Army of the Mississippi -Forces in West Virginia -Forces in Kentucky -Forces in SC and NC -Forces in LA or The Army of the Gulf
  3. The Dude

    1st South Carolina Volunteers 1862

    A 75mm from I believe CGS miniatures
  4. J

    1862 Tower Enfield information

    Recently inherited this 1862 Tower Enfield and was hoping to get as much information on it as possible since I’m new to this. I see that it does not have the “V.R.” under the crown but not sure what that means or if it makes it more valuable or not. Was this used by a confederate soldier? Thank...
  5. John Wolf Smith

    What if Lee went to the West Building Order of Battle (Early 1862) Remade

    RULES: 1. Disregard anything in the Eastern area; e.g. Richmond, New Bern and Seven Pines. 2. Lee moves to the west as Albert Johnston, as his 2nd in Command with troops from the east. Hardee is in command of the Army of the West and Bragg has a Corps command trying to take Cairo, Illinois from...
  6. John Wolf Smith

    What if Lee with the Army of the Valley went to the West (Building Order of Battle)

    In early 1862, General Lee takes over the Army of the Valley and gets it moved to the west to help General Johnston. What could happen?
  7. DaveBrt

    Operations by CSS Richmond, late 1862

    On September 10, 1862, Acting Engineer Bureau Chief A. L. Rives wrote to Col. J. F. Gilmer, Chief Engineer, Department of Northern Virginia that the Secretary of War was directing the engineers to construct a passage through the obstructions in the James River so that the CSS Richmond could pass...
  8. Missionary Ridge

    The Battle of Shiloh - The Union Armies - 6 April 1862

    Has anyone read Larry Smith's two volume set on the Union Army at Shiloh? If yes, what did you think of it? Was it worth the price? The Battle of Shiloh - The Union Armies - 6 April 1862 - Vol I and The Battle of Shiloh - The Union Armies - 7 April 1862 - Vol II by Lanny K. Smith (Author...
  9. DaveBrt

    Result of Early 1862 Ironclad Test

    From the Engineer Bureau Outgoing Letters Ledger, National Archives March 20, 1862 Lieut. Henry T. Douglas, PACS In charge or Defences, Yorktown ***** I think the water battery should be abandoned at Yorktown, for the reasons specified in a former letter, & because of the invulnerability...
  10. JPK Huson 1863

    Period Lenten Feasts And Other Non-Existent Meals

    Thought I'd see what traditional Lenten meals would have looked like a 150 years ago? Transpires a little spartan. This kind of thing makes you a little surprised anyone lived until Easter. Honestly do not mean to be religious posting this but, well, it's Lent. I'm not sure anyone ever said "...
  11. John Wolf Smith

    Do people have information about the Confederate Western Order of Battle during February and March 1862.

    Can people give information about the armies and their orders of battle during February and March 1862?
  12. M

    The Great Navy Cattle Drive, 1-7 October 1862.

    Tonight I am putting magazines in protective sleeves and putting the protected magazines in to magazine boxes. The magazine boxes will go on shelves where I will probably never read then again for years. The magazine I am holding has the article, which I never read, The Great Navy Cattle Drive...
  13. A

    Muzzleldrs 1862 Springfield musket "wall hanger"

    Hello, I have a 1862 Springfield musket, or I should clarifly, I have a barrel and partial stock. Can you tell me where I might buy a slideplate..hammer...etc; non working faux parts would be fine, as I simply desire enough parts to have a wall hanger. Thanks.
  14. Gavrilo Sartorys

    Order of Battle for the Army of Northern Virginia, June 1862

    INTRODUCTION : * During the Seven Days battles, Lee's greatest failure as an army commander was (in my opinion) to communicate properly with too many subordinates. As a result, the Federals had the upper hand at the tactical level in the majority of the battles fought near Richmond, while...
  15. C

    Muzzleldrs Help! Enfield 1862

    I am an Estate Sale coordinator in Louisiana and a family has added this Tower 1862 Enfield musket at the last minute. When I took it to a modern arms appraiser, he wouldn’t appraise since he was unschooled in early weapons. When I mention it to collectors, they want to “help” me—not good. Can...
  16. Dead Parrott

    The Viginia Manumission Act of 1862

    Lincoln is elected. South Carolina rages with legal and political challengers...and then cooler heads prevail. After a year or so of all the wailing, lawsuits and proclamations, everyone sees that Lincoln has kept his word, and slavery in the South is not disturbed. The territorial issue has...
  17. lelliott19

    Late Confederate Enlistment 1862: Selecting a Regiment, Camp of Instruction, Medical Exam, and Joining the Command

    In April 1862, the Confederate conscription act was passed which made it mandatory for all able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 35 to serve in the Confederate Army. We've discussed in prior threads about men enlisting to avoid conscription. If they enlisted voluntarily, prior to...
  18. ShortSeb

    Muzzleldrs The right Minie ball for my Armisport/Chiappa 1862 Richmond Rifle

    Hi, folks! I recently got my Armisport/Chiappa 1862 Richmond Rifle. I have a good experience with muzzleloader shooting but just with patch & roundballs. So, the manual for the rifle says, that it shoots .585 Minies. My first thought: "Ah, I don't think so." The Richmond is a .58 bore so what...
  19. N

    Muzzleldrs 1862 Tower

    Hi all. This is my first real post, hopefully it’s going in the right spot! I have a 1862 Tower Musket and am just hoping that someone on here could give me some aditional info on it’s potential history based on the markings. It was bought about 35 years ago by my dad at a old farm estate...
  20. Z

    ENDED 1862 Richmond Musket

    I’m selling my 1862 Richmond 3-banded reproduction/re-enactment musket. It’s in great condition and was used on the fields of Manasass, Sharpsburg, and Gettysburg during their respective 150th re-enactments. I’m looking for $600 and am happy to send as many pictures as needed. Also comes with a...
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