The Army of Northern Virginia - Gettysburg Campaign - Order of Battle

C.S. The Army of Northern Virginia - Gettysburg Campaign - Order of Battle

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CivilWarTalk Gettysburg Campaign - Order of Battle

Why do we need or want another Order of Battle?

I don't know about you, but I hated the straight text flat file versions of orders of battle, it was easy to get lost in them. You'd start scrolling, and soon you'd have no idea what you were looking at, or how it related to the battle, or who all these people were, or what type of equipment these artillery units had...​
A long time ago, I resolved to do something about it. I started a wiki, but it wasn't working the way I wanted. I was creating stuff, and for a time I thought it was what I wanted, but it was just more of the same old stuff.​
Recently, the forum has become capable of doing many of the things I've only dreamed of doing, and so now I'm doing those things! I've been transferring many of my profiles, and with the help of Genlemanrob and many other members I've been adding new profiles for artillery and other offerings, and the Order of Battle is just the first of many more interconnected things I'd like to create for you!​
I think this will give you a great resource for research, and also give you simple navigation with the menu and links, as well as visual indicators like the flags!​

Why is there a (?) or a (w) next to that General's name?

Those are indicators to tell you what I've discovered about the status of that individual after the battle. The indicators mean:​
(?) = unknown/undetermined casualty status
(c) = captured
(w) = wounded
(k) = killed
(p) = only a portion of unit present
# = not present at the battle

Can I trust all these facts and figures? Can you guarantee they 100% correct?

Actually, I already know there are mistakes in here. I've seen them. I know the artillery listed in here has mistakes and problems and will need work. I'm pretty sure I have spelling mistakes, and probably math errors, and it's likely I've forgotten some person or unit, or included a person or unit who doesn't belong, I wouldn't be surprised. Feel free to post corrections in the reply box below!​

Is this Order of Battle "Incomplete" then?

Technically, yes, I'll continue editing it, and I'll post a "Last Updated" message at the top so you'll know I've made adjustments! I may also keep a change log starting now, so you'll know what I've changed.​

What are your sources for the information contained in this Order of Battle?

Here are my sources, this may not be a full and complete, exhaustive list....​