Artillery and Ammunition of the Civil War

Book Artillery and Ammunition of the Civil War

Author / Director
Warren Ripley
Publish / Release Date
Jan 1, 1973
Narrative Form
  1. Non-Fiction
Publisher / Studio
Promontory Press

Artillery and Ammunition of the Civil War

by Warren Ripley

The Artilleryman's Bible.

This Tome of Big Guns Includes: many photos; plenty of detailed line drawings; tables; gun manufacturing marks; names of specific gun inspectors...

It covers...
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Ripley, Warren. Artillery and Ammunition of the Civil War. Canada: Promontory Press, 1973.

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By far my favorite book on Civil War Artillery! A book my dad had when I was a kid and I used to page through just for the pictures. It might have some dated information, but it has some of the most detailed coverage that you won't find in any other book, or else it was covered in this book first. Lot's of tables, lots of esoteric information, but that's what we want! This book showed every other author out there "how to write a book on artillery".