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Please support CivilWarTalk, LLC with a Donation!
We appreciate all of your help!

You can make your donation using PayPal! (Click the Yellow Donate Button)

CivilWarTalk was born April 1999, at the time, it was a small site, created to stimulate conversation with other people interested in the Civil War. That small community has flourished and grown into a large, active, and family friendly community.

We have never required membership fees, and we never will. However, running a web site such as this one is quite costly, in addition to offering Premium Memberships, we also offer the option to send CivilWarTalk donations.

Your donation will go directly to help cover the costs of running this site. While most internet communities have closed, or surrendered to the Facebook Juggernaut, we are devoted to keeping this site open and free for all.

If you can't donate because of your family situation, we understand. We have a family too, and know how the pocketbook can be pinched at times. You participation in our forums is the one contribution we truly appreciate and can never replace!

IF YOU CHOOSE TO MAKE A DONATION: Your donation can be as little as $1 or as much as $100 or more. You decide what amount is best for you. All funds raised will go directly towards the ongoing expenses of our server, our forum, and associated software and technical costs with maintaining the system.

You can make your donation using PayPal! (Click the Yellow Donate Button)

If you would prefer to send a paper check by Postal Mail,
please contact Mike the Webmaster for an address!

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    Oct 22, 2019
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