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Limited Edition Artwork of Don Troiani

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While there are many artists who have turned their attention to historical art none have done so with the enthusiasm, insight and dedication than Don Troiani. During the past quarter of a century Troiani has created more than sixty art, prints and posters of the American Civil War.

Born in New York in 1949. He is the son of an accomplished commercial artist who encouraged him and kept him supplied with paper, paint and direction.

His art, prints and posters are represented in the collections of many of the nations military institutions, including; the U.S. Army War College, U.S. Marine Corps Museum, Command and Staff College, U.S. Army National Guard, West Point Museum, the Pentagon and the U.S. Calvary Museum at Fort Riley, Kansas.

Don Troiani's Most Popular Prints:

  • Lone Star 1st Texas Regiment Battle of Antietam Sept 17 1862
  • Sons of Erin 69th NYV Battle of Antietam September 17th 1862
  • Brothers of Ireland
  • Emmitsburg Road Battle of Gettysburg July 3 1862
  • Lions of the Round Top
Mar 4, 2012
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