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Best Civil War Blogs of 2012

Since CivilWarTalk was started in 1999, we've seen all sorts of web sites come and go. In the last few years a wonderful amount of information has been offered by individuals in the form of Civil War Blogs.

Best Civil War Blogs of 2012

While not all blogs are equal, there are many worthwhile blogs, and in 2012, here are the ones that we think are most worthy to visit:

Civil War Memory - Kevin Levin, Author
Where History, Heritage, and Education Intersect

A House Divided - Linda Wheeler, Author
The Washington Post Civil War 150th Anniversary Blog

Civil Warriors - Mark Grimsley, Webmaster
Refighting the American Civil War, One Blog Post at a Time

To the Sound of the Guns - Craig Swain, Author
Civil War Artillery, Battlefields and Historical Markers

Civil War Books & Authors - Andrew Wagenhoffer, Author
Non-fiction Civil War book reviews, commentary, publishing news, author interviews, and profiles

This Mighty Scourge - Michael Noirot, Author
An examination of the men, regiments and brigades that fought in the American Civil War

Draw the Sword - Jenny Goellnitz, Author
The Gettysburg Monument Project

Old Virginia Blog - Richard G. Williams, Jr, Author
Historical musings, wandering thoughts, and book comments from a Southern writer.

Past in the Present - Michael Lynch, Author
"Historical books, sites, exhibits, debates, myths, personalities, and preservation..."

Bull Runnings - Harry Smeltzer, Author
A Journal of the Digitization of a Civil War Battle

Civil War Librarian - Rea Andrew Redd, Author
Covers new and classic American Civil War books and media

Mar 20, 2012
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