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Individual Books

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  1. Lieut General Jubal Anderson Early - Autobiographical Sketch and Narrative of the War Between the States---
  2. Extracts of Letters of MajGenBryan Grimes, to His Wife: Written While in Active Service in the Army of Northern Virginia. Together with some Personal Recollections of the War, Written by Him after its Close, etc. Bryan Grimes (Nov 2, 1828 – Aug 14, 1880) Enlisted as a Maj in the 4th NC Infantry, Grimes was promoted to Col and eventually Brig Gen. May 19, 1864 appointed to command the brigade; Dec 9, 1864 assumed command of the Division. He was the last CSA Maj Gen, promoted Feb 15, 1865.---
  3. Author: Colonel William C. Oates CSA, 15th Alabama Commanding.---
  4. By John Bigelow, Jr. (1910). In-depth study of the Chancellorsville Campaign with 39 maps.---
  5. By Frank M. Mixson. Memoirs of his service in Co. E, Hagood's 1st South Carolina Infantry, Jenkins'/Bratton's South Carolina Brigade. Columbia, SC: 1910.---

Most Likes

  1. A History of Company E "Lone Star Guards of the 4th Texas Infantry by Texas Brigade historian Colonel Harold B. Simpson. Waco, Tex.: Texian Press, 1963.---
  2. A history of Joseph B. Kershaw's South Carolina Brigade by 3rd South Carolina Infantry veteran D. Augustus Dickert. Newberry, SC: Elbert H. Aull Co., 1899.---
  3. History of Dunlop's Sharpshooter Battalion in McGowan's South Carolina Brigade. Little Rock, Ark.: Tunnah & Pittard, 1899.---
  4. Edward Porter Alexander graduated from West Point (1857) and served as an engineer and officer in the U.S. Army. When the war broke out, he was just 25 years old. After his home state of Georgia seceded, Alexander resigned his commission (May 1861) to join the Confederacy. He spent 1861 as an intelligence officer, and served as part of a signal guard, but E Porter Alexander is probably best known for his role as Chief of Artillery for Longstreet's First Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia.---
  5. By John D. Billings and illustrated by Charles W. Reed. The famous book on everyday soldier life in the Union Army. Boston: G. M. Smith & Co., 1888.---

Most Clicks

  1. And Incidentally of the Lawton-Gordon-Evans Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. By Private G. W. Nichols. Both a memoir of Nichols' experiences throughout the war, as well as a history of his regiment and brigade. Jesup, Ga.: 1892.---
  2. The instructions here given are of the greatest importance to the Recruit, and therefore should be thoroughly understood, being indispensable to the instruction of the Company; on which, again, depends that of the Battalion.---
  3. By Brigadier General Johnson Hagood. Columbia, SC: 1910.---
  4. Original brigade history of Hood's Texas Brigade, authored by veteran Joseph B. Polley.---

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