• Welcome to the Receipts of the Blue & Gray. - The receipts you will find here are original Antebellum, and Civil War period receipts, as originally published between the years 1796 and 1880. One exception, is: Newspaper Clippings & Periodical Receipts are limited to a publishing period from 1858 to 1866.

    Some receipts from this era attempted to give medicinal advice. Many dangerous, and in some cases, deadly, "cures" were given, reflecting the primitive knowledge of that time period. Don't assume everything you read here is safe to try! Recipes and Receipts posted here are for Historic Research Purposes, enjoy them, learn from them, discuss them!

    ★ If you attempt to try one of these recipes / receipts, you do so at your own risk! ★

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Receipts of the Blue & Gray

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(from the Marshall County Republican, Plymouth, Indiana, November 22, 1860) Instructions: To destroy Rats -- Catch them, one by one, and flatten their head in the lemon squeezer. To kill Cockroaches -- Put them in a barrel and dance. To kill Bed-bugs -- Chain their hind legs to a tree, and...
(from American Cookery, by Amelia Simmons, 1796) Ingredients: 1 shoulder of veal 2 tbs. rice 4 onions 6 potatoes carrots sweet marjoram, parsley, summer savory, as preferred salt and pepper to taste 1/2 lb. butter 4 tbs. flour Instructions: Take a shoulder of veal, boil in five quarts water...
(from The Practical Housekeeper and Young Woman's Friend by Marion L. Scott, 1855) Ingredients: 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup of water 2 tbsp. vinegar 1 tsp. essence of lemon 1 tbsp. of flour 2 pie crusts Instructions: One cup of brown sugar, half a cup of water, two tablespoonsful of vinegar...

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