Jefferson Davis: Once Celebrated, Later Imprisoned - at Fort Monroe

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In 1855, Jefferson Davis' visit to Fort Monroe was celebrated with fireworks and fan-fair. Ten years later he arrived as a prisoner, aboard the steamer William P. Clyde. The 1855 "fireworks and fan-fair" visit occurred while Davis was serving as US Secretary of War in the cabinet of President Franklin Pierce...

Brass Napoleon Award Voting **Uniforms and Relics**

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Choose the one you think most deserves this award!

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No Hope of Recovery?

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It is said that where there is still life, there is still hope.

Part I

Chaplain George Patterson of the 3rd North Carolina was asked to visit the gravely wounded Colonel Risden T. Bennett of the 14th North Carolina on the night before the army retreated. Bennett had been shot on July 3. He asked the chaplain to...

Featured Staff

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First up is @major bill , he has been very active in the Uniforms and relics forum! posting great content and really interesting things! Keep up the great work. Also Bill helped us very much recently with a forum matter and I want to thank him from the bottom of my...

Still Another M.1849 Colt Pocket Revolver!

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If my old collecting mentor Robert Justice was correct that a collection of anything has to consist at the minimum of at least three examples, the corollary should probably be that three examples of any object also constitutes a collection. Assuming this admittedly twisted logic to be correct, then I...
Atlanta Campaign Pix
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I spent the day retracing the movements of my fav 13th NJ Vol Reg yesterday with my researcher son Kennesaw Mountain>Pigeon Hill>Cheathams Hill & Dead Angle>Battle of Kolbs Farm>Battle of New Hope Church>Tour of their Cemetery>Cassville (Johnston’s Entrenchments) and finally at Cassville’s Confederate Cemetery. Enjoy the fruits of a LONG DAY>...

Video Discussion: Battle of Gettysburg and Consequences

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PS: The same bite referred to in my last message is also the main cause why Confederate rebels lost their fight by Civil War before it ever began for all practical intents or purposes. Why else does everyone else who's alive and rational today openly say with no shame whatsoever that Black Dispatches were THE single most valuable source of Union intelligence during the war.

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