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Help identify rank, Union or Confederate, etc...
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I’m very appreciative for all the replies to my post of 2 photos a couple days ago. From that I learned a lot and have since identified the rank on some of my other photos in my collection. So far all Union / Federal boys.
I’m pretty sure I have one Confederate photo and I’ve included it below. Please share/educate me with any info regarding what State he’s from, type of uniform, type of weapons, rank, rough approx value? He was part of a larger lot I bought at a Pennsylvania auction. I thank you in advance for your replies.

[COLOR=rgb(20, 20...

Authentic Varina Howell Davis' Pound Cake

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Varina Howell Davis (Library of Congress)

This recipe is from the personal collection of Varina Howell Davis, Jefferson Davis' wife. Her original recipes were given to Beauvoir by her daughter, Margaret (pictured below).

Varina Howell Davis' Pound Cake

12 eggs
1 lb. sugar
1 lb. butter
1 lb. all-purpose flour
1 wine glass of wine

Cream the butter, stir the sugar into it, separate eggs, beat very light, mix in the ingredients, bake very slowly.

This is Margaret's wedding portrait. She was...
Need Help with Colt 1860 Army Grip Cartouche
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I took in for some repair work a Colt 1860 Army made during 1862 that has e. m. Camp's (EMC) inspector cartouche on the left hand grip but on the right hand grip is the pictured cartouche that I've not seen before nor have been able to find out anything about it. Anyone here familiar with this one?

Trivia 5-9-19 an endearing 2 parter

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Which general sometimes called which unit "my little mob"?

credit: @luinrina

Canals, Rivers, Roads, and Railroads...

Help IDing a Forrest Cavalry sword ? Co A 19 Tenn Cavalry J.S. Prather
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Any help IDing the sword my GGfather brought home after 2 1/2 years Co A 19th Tenn Cavalry with Forest ? 39 inches unsheathed. He was at Brice's Crossroad, Fort Pillow, Fort Donaldson and the Nashville Retreat plus the smaller clashes - never wounded and brought the same horse home he started with. Always rode very erect in the saddle and told all - you rode erect as it was less tireing than slouching. Tall man at 6'2" for that time. Would have a teen age son killed by lightning inside his house in 1895. A church deacon, fair, honest, hard working and decent but still not a man to trifle...

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