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Foto Friday 3/15

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It's seems like a good day to tour the Museums and Visitor's Centers.

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Rick Reeves art

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the bloody sixth - 6th MS at Shiloh TN 6 apr 1862


Pickett's mill - texans of br gen Hiram Bronson Granbury vs lt col William Babcock Hazen bde - battle of Pickett’s mill GA 27 may 1864...

Smashing of Scales' North Carolina Brigade on July 1

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Tablet image from waymarking.com Scales portrait from Library of Congress

The Confederate brigade under Brig. Gen. Alfred Moore Scales sustained upwards of 800 casualties within a period of about 10 minutes on the afternoon of July 1. Scales' North Carolinians, along with Perrin's South Carolinians, were tasked with finishing off the Union First...

Caption This! week 12

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Caption this!


photo credit: @ARW

Harriet Jacobs Describes Her Relief Work Among Liberated Former Slaves Near Savannah in 1866 WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH

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freedpeople charleston.JPG

Freedpeople in Charleston from Frank Leslie's April 25, 1865.

Harriet Jacobs is today a well-known author of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. In 1866 she was providing relief to freedpeople in Coastal Carolina and Georgia. Here is one of her letters describing the situation in...

meme winner week 11

Visiting the Grave of Col. Patrick Kelly, Commander of the Irish Brigade at Gettysburg

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Many of you know that Thomas Francis Meagher commanded the Irish Brigade that he founded. In the Spring of 1863 he left the brigade when he was refused permission to recruit replacements for his men lost at Antietam and Fredericksburg. He was replaced by Col. Patrick Kelly who had commanded a company of the Fighting 69th NYVI. He was commanding the 88th NYVI of...

Trivia Question 03-15-19 & Bonus

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I was born in Conklin NY in 1840. During my life, I was an author, newspaper writer, politician, and soldier. I was at Gettysburg as part of the 6th Wisconsin regiment and led a not so well known charge on July 1st. Hancock himself named the charge by saying "Good. But it is the first xxxx xxxxx charge I ever knew anything about". My charge started near the Lutheran Theological Seminary...

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The American Civil War, arguably the most traumatic event in the history of the United States, was fought from 1861 to 1865, and was the culmination of sectional issues which deeply divided the country between a pro-Federal government North and a pro-states rights, in the pro-slavery South, whose eleven states formed a breakaway government called the Confederate States of America. The costliest war in terms of human lives, the American Civil War claimed in excess of 620,000 battle or disease-related deaths - roughly two percent of the country's total population, and nearly more deaths than all other American wars combined.

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