Period "Corporal's Kitchen"-Soup Recipes, March 2019

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April is soon to be upon us, bringing a welcomed respite from the harsh cruelties of the winter we have just endured. Some days the weather will be nice, lulling us to our outdoor...

Pantalettes, Corsets And Drawers, Oh My! Mentioning Unmentionables

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uw 1850.jpg

From an 1850 satire on crinolines, this cartoon is a kind of x-ray. Women were a veritable fabric cake- the final , buttercream rose was one's dress perched atop layers of sponge and filling.

uw crin1856.gif

We wore a lot, under...

Confederate Soldier at Soldier's Rest Cemetery

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Beautiful Soldier standing guard in Soldier's Rest. He is a little off kilter and I suppose it is due to the soil settling.
USS Weehawken, USS Montauk, and USS Passaic
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Did you know Confederate photographer George Cook took the world’s first combat photo on September 8th, 1863? Cook took this photograph of the monitors USS Weehawken, USS Montauk, and USS Passaic as they attacked the Confederate batteries at Fort Moultrie. Cannon smoke can be seen surrounding the ships' turrets. But what happened to these three...
Witness Cannon at Shiloh
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Battery A, Chicago (Illinois) Light Artillery witness cannon at the Shiloh National Park Museum is identical to the witness cannon they left at the Vicksburg National Park!
This is the Shiloh one

Some old guns with an old book.

Adams Express office

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Chattanooga, Tennessee. Adams Express office, the Crutchfield house with Cameron Hill in the distance.
Caption from negative sleeve: Adams Express Office (Chattanooga, Tenn.).
The Crutchfield House, Cameron Hillin distance, Chattanooga, Tenn.
There Was A House In New Orleans
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"There was a house in New Orleans
a mob approached to ruin.
Tear it down!! she said to them,

I’ll always be loyal to the Union."

Thus begins the remarkable story of Mrs. Nellie Maria Taylor. Mrs. Taylor was born into a family named “Dewey”, in Watertown, New York in 1821. Her family...

Trivia Question 03-19-19 True or False

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True or false: The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is housed in a building named for a Civil War general.

(Note: Answers must clearly specify either the word “True” or the word “False.”)

credit: @hoosier

Corporal, "Four-legged Child of the Regiment."

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No, not "Corporal," we don't know what breed of terrier he was,
but a 19th century print of four varieties
"General Fremont’s Body Guard" was the grandiose title given a company of Missouri cavalry organized in August, 1861, and disbanded at the end of the following November. An occurrence after...

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